The professor named the pup “Hachi” and added “ko”, a common term of endearment. However, last night a friend of mine gave me the film Eight Below Full Screen Edition. While humans are weird on these things, dogs are companions for life. Following is the chance relationship that develops between the 2 and how the soon become inseparable. I would recommend this film to everyone because it is meant for all audiences, but I can’t guarantee if it will make you cry or at least feel any emotion. But too much of something makes it nauseatingly sick. It’s really interesting to read some of the one-star reviews that talk about bad acting and a bad script–what the people who wrote those don’t seem to get is that this really was an attempt to make a movie from a dog’s perspective, and I admire it for that.

I know nothing about akitas but based on the one s stared in this movie they seem to be a breed of some seriousness and little expressiveness, and this makes it difficult to get a feeling of closeness. The new statue was erected in August, , which still stands and is an extremely popular meeting spot. As he grew, Hachi-ko took on the traditional traits of an Akita; his ears stood upright, and his tail curled up and to the left. At this deeper level, in my understanding of the story, there is again the failing of secondary human characters to fully engage Hachi, in the unconditional terms portrayed in the relationship of Hachi and his master. Eventually, he was taken in by Dr Ueno’s gardener, who lived near the Station and prior home. I would rate this as probably the best dog movie ever to come out of Hollywood.

As with any pet, it comes with commitment – you commit to taking care of it, and it will more than often do the same for you too, especially when it’s a dog they aren’t called Man’s Best Friend uadio nothing. Just to think about an Akita Inu dog that has been waiting for his dead master for 10 years; its sad just to imagine it, and more when you know that its based on a TRUE story. There are so many other breeds, and even mongrels, who are just as sweet and loyal.

In other instances, when it comes to the onlookers, the angle is set such that we are looking up to Hachi. Additionally, the dog was portrayed as a dog, not hachikl human character in a dog suit capable onlkne impossible feats and hachiiko, which for me, made the story so much more enjoyable and made the dog so much more believable.


I was however something finding myself lacking a wider picture, context, instead of a singular focus on the dog, not knowing almost anything about the people he encounters and their attitude towards the faithful canine, instead littering vast parts of the movie with amorphous everybodies spurting out narrative lines.

Apart from being a great story, I found the camera-work to be really good, and the scenography in some parts of the film does not get left behind. Nonetheless hachko memorable movie, bound to make you all mushy. Winner of the Genesis Awards awarded for films that contribute to the humane treatement of animals.

Words can’t easily convey the emotions you will feel by the end of this movie. Link to actual movieas of AprilAND link to new statue that includes hachi,o, too!!

But in the end, as the final credits roll, Hachiko lies dead, alone, in the snow, at the spot where he waited for 10 years, with people walking past him with no show of concern. It’s simply a forced and contrived scene that took away from the whole effect of the film. The dogs were taken to different homes with different owners. The new statue was erected in August,which still stands and is an extremely popular meeting spot. I’ve even had a cat that was about as Hachi-like as a cat could be.

Alas, by the time the Master kicks the bucket I really had no feeling for any form of true bond between the two.

Yes, we have a few set-piece interactions, the Master rescuing the dog from the storm, and rather bizarrely and totally unrealistically, even bathing with it. The dog returned to the station every evening, for over a decade afterwards until the dog finally died of old age and sickness.

Thankful for any pointers in that direction Konrad Vienna. Yeah, she said it was a dirty dog. We spend far too long getting the dog to the Master, something that is entirely irrelevant to the story, leaving a pitiful amount of time to see the dog growing up hachikp bonding with the Master.

Hachiko: A Dogs story

Is this fllm helpful? There is such a scene here too, which made me roll my eyeballs. A number of vets cared for him.

At this deeper level, in my understanding of the story, there is again the failing of secondary human characters to fully engage Hachi, in the unconditional terms portrayed in the relationship of Hachi and his master. But these are not the things that either form or show relationships, it is the myriad little things, a lick, a closeness, a quiet word, a shifting closer, a shadowing, a rubbing, a howling, a whimpering that show real affection, and of these there are none.


Hachiko is already an incredible real story, but the movie translates that into something that is impossible to watch without tears clouding your vision. There’s not much else in the world as pure as this, and if you love animals and have experienced their love for you, you owe it yourself to see this movie.

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On a technical level the production values are high, although the music for the first part is ridiculously cheesy, anachronistic and jarring — it sounds like it was generated on a budget Casio keyboard. Day after day Hachiko walks his master to the nearby Shibuya Station and then with remarkable punctuality returns to pick him up whenever he returns from work.

Ueno closed the house and moved, giving Hachiko to some of her husband’s relatives who lived several miles from the station. I will tell about Hachiko today. To me, the story of Hachiko is not just that he was waiting for his master to return, it’s also about how we have a real responsibility as humans to take care of our furry friends, who depend on us for so much. But Hachi loves totally and gives himself without limitation.

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In April, ,a bronze statue in his likeness was erected at Shibuya Station, and Hachiko himself was present at its unveiling. It’s a perfect hacjiko. It was a pretty full house. And a truly great movie, for many reasons.

In he was brought to Tokyo by his owner, Eisaburo Ueno, a professor in the agriculture department at the University of Tokyo. German Dolby Digital 5.