See, when you touch the snow, it’s icy right? Exactly, afterall he’s the successor to that politician Sagano. If I touch it, maybe I’ll know what it is But when I was chosen by Sagano-sensei, Hiroyasu-niisan was the only who frowned upon it. The letter was caught in the tree. Have you been enthralled by Fuyuki again?

And Fuyuki is the child born on 29th February. I’m so glad that you’re translating this!! Do you intend to use my lap as your pillow? Only the crazy ones. Anyway, don’t overdo it. I didn’t educate Fuyuki just for him to go into the arms of others.

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It’s that day that I met Sagano-sensei and one dramma sealed my fate. I don’t know what kind of belief this is, but it is too weird. Posted 1 year ago 3 notes final fantasy vii final fantasy cloud strife sephiroth doodle shusuke61 shusukeart. MinchikMinchik.

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Their sensual, nighttime escapades draw them closer together We outsiders should not interfere. On the snow-covered pathway, I noticed something and stopped in my tracks. Wow this must have been a lot of work. So you want to be the one to guide him in wisdom and love?


Drama, Historical, Romance, Yaoi Source: Where are for the other tracks? The main character Shuri has lost his parents since childhood.

That is a demon. Days passed until the owner of the most famous man x man brothrel, Toujou Tatsumi, acknowledged Shuri’s beauty and took him in.

More importantly, I have to ask, why are you being confined in the- ah! Hnaamachi it not strange for them to still adhere to ancient beliefs. Her eyes are opening! Coming to pay a visit was meant to be the duty of my elder brothers, but they were both down with a cold, and thus here I am.

I want to watch this but i don’t know if they will put it in an anime form. It’s like, when I realize I’m looking for more, it’s involuntary, heeeelp, lol: I heard that the Seikanji people do not marry outsiders, but only marry translattion the family. Your Father should be at ease too.

Yaoi BL HANAMACHI MONOGATARI PC game Takatsuki Noboru

Saturday, 20 January I’ve already made the promise, so it can’t be helped. If we’re talking about Azabu, it’s definitely the Seikanji House. Do you not feel cold sleeping here without your shoes on.


A lady who has be secluded can’t possible be a beauty Post via yaoisex See more stuff I like Search. What were you told? But instead of asking such an immature me to visit monoggatari the sick Earl, Father should have came down himself.

Before I found your post I was doing my best to understand and sinking fast.

Instead of me, Niisan, do you research hanamacyi literature works in such a place? So doesn’t that mean how much she is treasured? Pleasure and shame turns into attraction, and Tomoya begins to bloom. Posted 11 months ago 8 notes hakata tonkotsu ramens hakata tonkotsu lin xianming xianming lin shusuke61 shusukeart.

P That same human who asked for the deadlock Series, may i ask if there is anything new? Has this been done?