One day while walking home from her job, Kurumi Akino finds a wounded young man, and saves his life. It is composed of four seasons of six episodes each: Both believe that Hakuron and Kurumi are still alive at some unknown location, and that they may see them again in the future. Hakuron then finally tells Kurumi that he loves her, and that she is his “airen,” which is the one woman a man truly loves. Haou Airen Synopsis Review. It translates into “Supreme King of Lovers.

Being a shoujo manga, the mysterious guy kisses her to shut her up and threatened to do worse things if she doesn’t comply. Because despite its fixation on sex, it’s still a good manga. There was an alternative ending for the story for fans who listened to the Drama CD version. This manga can be actually kind of reading a trashy Hollywood novel when you know nobody’s looking, but I like it anyway. That just made everything so much better than it actually is. Kurumi had less substance compared to him, unfortunately. This was a nice fanfiction. That was why he subsequently managed to drug her and leave by the time she woke up.

Views Read Edit View history. Sei Shoujo is the original creator of the games artwork, character design and penned the original script for the game.

A few moments later, they heard a gaggle of men stomp past their hiding place. That was why he subsequently managed to drug her and leave by the time she woke up.

I still wonder from time to time what happened to her family back endibg Japan. The two reveal that only Eason Yan’s body was found inside the ruins of the church.

Haou Airen Drama CD İ Track 11 Epilogue: Family Portrait

It turns out she saved the life of the most infamous mobster in Hong Kong, and he wants her to stay with him The plot tells alren story of Ken, a high school delinquent turned down by the girl he loved, Yumin, who promptly left Japan to become a police officer in Korea. If you fanatically like wholesome stories and plots with considerable depth, this manga is not for you.


Enfing must admit I rolled wnding eyes when I found out that Hakuron’s only 18 years old and still goes to a high school where he simply lords over everbody else, including the administrators and the teachers. I think she must have also realized how hot he is. But the day after the incident, she was leaving school to head for work when she and her friends spotted an expensive foreign car parked at the school entrance.

Works by Mayu Shinjo. Hakuron tells Fuuron drana Suiron, the only guests at the wedding, to get Kurumi somewhere safe while he stays to finish off Eason.

Use dmy dates from February Articles containing Japanese-language text. I think it sounds sexy. In Singapore, the Chinese translation is published by Chuang Yi. But I just can’t take the sad ending.

The CD ends with Kurumi and Hakuron laughing with their daughter, Reifuo whose name is made of the first parts of Reiran and Fuoron’s namesremarking how their child is careless like her mother and does not listen to others like her father. Just In All Stories: That just made everything so much better than it actually is. Hakuron’s intense did I mention he’s hot?

If you have a guilty pleasure library but must have happy endings, you need to think this over carefully.

Please write another chapter! Six players of this game find themselves trapped in a building with one of the group already dead; to avoid the same fate, the remaining five must play a real-life game of “Rabbit Doubt” and find the wolf liar hiding among them.

Sure, people around me are probably not as familiar with manga, but you can ennding tell with these things Forgetting that this was a stranger who eending her two seconds after they first ran into each other, she took him to her family’s house and tended to his wounds. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I love Haou Airen. The two kiss as the church collapses.

The whole school thing just fell away after the initial chapters, though. I was totally just waiting for him to have just planned the entire thing to keep her safe! The fourth season, initially scheduled for the first months of the year, was broadcast from 1 September Haou Airen Cover of Japanese volume 1, featuring Hakuron. The film was also nominated for a Goya Award for best foreign film.


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Hence, it won’t be complete without a cast of characters trying to tear them apart, such as other underground organizations, jilted lovers, and embittered henchmen. Sakuya Ookochi, the main character from Sensual Phrasealso makes an appearance in this manga, as does Hakuron from the later spin-off Haou Airen.

At the onset, Hakuron was already very familiar around her, which kind of unsettled her and drew her to him at the same time. Wowowowow wish that hassle happened in manga but it didn’t but this was lovely. If you’re not into hot, forceful bishounen with worldly desires, that may be a big problem.

Kurumi then appears, having run back inside the church against Fuuron and Suiron’s wishes. Rosario Tijeras is a Colombian film based on the book of the same name written by Jorge Franco.

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The scene changes to the aftermath of the fire, with Fuuron talking to Suiron. Yeah, like reading one of those romance novels aifen a picture of a couple in the throes of passion splashed all over the front cover. Mayu Shinjo is a Japanese manga artist born in I always imagined he would come back, Hakuron dying is a silly idea!

The two of them actually look similar, actually, if you put Fuoron alongside a Nuriko dressed as a guy with his hair in a braid.