I have no idea what to do. October 9, 5: July 8, 4: So far, I only use VirtualDub, never try another software. Just opening any subtitle file will give a great idea how it works. It sounds ridiculous but believe me, somehow it works. But I seem to be having a problem with my virtualdub. December 22, 5:

November 28, Any ideas what this means? Do you know if there is any other software that can hardsub subtitle? I just hope it will work. It supports many formats, can include subtitles on the video, allows to choose audio track and has many other options. To finish simply go to File and select Save As. October 7, I use virtualdub only.

After you finished look at the picture click OK Yes, I ever have the same harfcoding like this. You are commenting using your WordPress.

March 18, 9: Re-installed, made damn sure the box was clicked and now all is virtyaldub, thankx for the tutorial! I have to go into W2K Task Manager and kill it explicitly.

Subtitle Edit Help – Add subtitles to video

What is it to do with VirtulaDub? Convert the video into avi — XVID. July 7, 2: Bojan 5 years ago. Pls tell me how. HAL 8 months ago.


Nice tutorial, however VirtualDub itself is a pretty complicated program, especially for those who aren’t that good with computers. November 23, 4: Thanks for the help. Usiny I may know, what video converter program do you use? August 23, 5: Cuma pas ane coba cara2 yg nemu di googling, itu cuma kaya masukin sub ke 1 file mkv.

Hi, I also ever had that kind of problem.

July 15, If you don’t have the subtitles create your own text subtitles with SubtitleWorkshop or Substation Alpha and then continue with this guide to add them permanent to the video. January 17, December 13, I usually use Any Video Converter to convert my video,will it work? So I tried it again.

When i get my video into virtualdub and add in the. HAL 5 years ago.

Didn’t read the whole topic, but for the Linuxers amongst us: I highly recommend it. January 15, 7: July 15, 1: I did have an error though. The quote means you can embed the subtitle into another video format besides AVI if you wish.

Any Video Converter usung, that’s subtirles it’s called. March 15, 6: April 22, 9: I recommend you to restart your computer, then re-do it again. This is the link http: Any Video Converter Free has some configuration settings for subtitles in its Options window small cog wheel top left which will allow you to change the hardcodinf encoding for foreign languages, change the font and its size on screen, and also the ability to move the default subtitle position on the screen up or down.


Subtitle Edit Help – Add subtitles to video

Hi Bil, sometimes VirtualDub is easy to get error. The subtitles I added will be out of sync with the video. November 15, January 19, hardcding Boards Help Wiki Rules Donate.

Im having troubles again…it says there is no audio compressing codec…or something like that…what to do?? Maybe re-installing the virtualdub by re-downloading it? Ekjaksa 2 years ago. July 28, 2: