Yep, I will dive in the fun with you. She hides but Khadija suspects her presence and throws her in the dungeon. You are commenting using your Facebook account. And they have taken the punishment they deserve. Mustapha says it is time that the world is opened to see the glory of the Islamic empire. Armin’s father complains to Ibrahim Pasha. Will you allow Nigar to stay in the palace? The place that you own maybe the only one that you will ever reach in your whole life.

I was really heart broken. Allah has given us a task to protect those people and as we act upon their safety we deserve their love of appreciation. Ibrahim said he was doing so to bring calm back to the army. Go on and give your excuse to Afife. Why did you hang my guards. I will grand you the freedom to do whatever pleases you as long as you are enjoying every moment.

Ibrahim tells Helmi Pasha to be present in the Diwan meeting where the fate of Iskandr will be decided and he orders him to vote against Iskandr. Nobody should know about Nigar, it would be very bad especially towards Ibrahim Pasha. Hurem feels cornered and fabricates the contents of the diary.

Rustem said he died by a horse accident so himself was appointed this position. Ibrahim sees Rustem emotional and tells him let it be a lesson to you that no one can come between me and the Sultan or his fate becomes like Iskandr. Suleyman at last makes a move on Isabella, whose fiancee was released after ambassadors paid a ransom.

And they have taken the punishment they deserve. Nigar tells kawthar to kill Sultana Khadija and let it appear as suicide. Afife asks Kawthar to see Sultana Hurrem.

I epispde show you the punishment that comes with threatening someone from a dynasty. The guards arrests the prince.


These days were in the past,I am not a slave, the situation has changed long ago. Hatice’s baby gets sick and Hurem fears it is caused by the poisoned diary of Ibrahim’s.

It makes no sense to put a new empire in Tabriz within the Persian land, cause even if I install you or my own son. Ibrahim manages to prevent the escape of Isabella and he knows that this was the plan of Hurem.

Iskanadr Shalabi proposes to go to Bagdad quickly. One day his days are counted and he will find his end. Go on and give your excuse to Afife.

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Sultan asks Hurem to explain the contents of the diary belonged to Luca. Add Image S2, Ep6. Make sure that Nigar does not cross my ways and I will not see a glimpse of her. June 24, at 4: This site uses cookies. You are commenting using your WordPress. The murder attempt on Sultan Suleiman alloys his relationship to Ibrahim.

Frederick confesses to Ibrahim that Griti informed him were the princess was located and they arrest him. Take care of your actions Kawthar because your reputation has become worse. When you fled from the palace, why did you return after all the pain and distress that you went through.

When her father looks for her, Matrakci lies him that Armin is not there. She asks Sunbul Agha if the notebooks have been updated and Nigar is standing again in the place of a servant, he confirms. I am not in for the tidy dating thing.

Feedjit Live Blog Stats. The Diwan decided against Iskandr and accuse him of treachery. Audible Download Audio Books. I am not a slave in front of you that you can beat. The Bey is in love with a mysterious girl.


Episode Summary Guide Hareem Al Sultan Season 3 Episode 68 (Muhtesem Yuzyil) and ongoing summaries

The scene is changing. Do you know that biggest enemy to the pasha which will be his downfall, himself. Our privacy will be filled with eroticism. Ibrahim gets angry when he After Hurem is asked by Valide to vacate her royal chambers. I know that you threaten the other girls suultan only in this way can you control them.

Watch Arabic Turkish Series Online. Sultan Suleiman was very angry and even sloan the head of the messenger who brought these news.

I am not the girl who is in the last minute finagling of a date. Bergam Agha requested an audience episodw Hurrem so she is accompanied with her servants and Firuze. It is a cloth you wear before it becomes you. Know what this is about? You have began that war. Add Image S2, Ep8. History, true events, bios, archives. Listen carefully, if you want to flee I will do the impossible to help you out and this is a promise.

I will get revenge just trust in me. Nigar you have to take your revenge. Durra khanum has passed away and Wiqam has gone, and nobody knows where your standing grounds are. I quit the job when I heard that Ibrahim asked Sultan of his presence, and soon he will arrive you should be prepared. Harem Epissode 2 Season 2 all Episodes.