Locations from the original episode were used in the new one. Meanwhile, Kono meets Adam Noshimuri’s brother, Michael Daniel Henney , recently released from prison after serving 10 years for manslaughter, who is less than thrilled with Adam’s plans of transforming the Yakuza. Retrieved October 9, He decides to join her in the operation, and they proceed to his offices to take the microfiche, only to be caught in the process. Wil Kahele as Discharge Officer. The kidnappers were convicted, but one of them, Randy Thorpe Jack Dimish was released.

Following an elaborate art heist, the Five-0 team finds the getaway car along with the driver, who was shot in the head before he and the car were set on fire. Both are captured, but they manage to free themselves, and kill Ji-Woon. The episode “Hookman” was inspired by the episode of the same title from the original series. Edit Storyline Mary arrives in Hawaii and finds out that her Mom is still alive, while Five-O team tries to find out why a high-school boy gets kidnapped. Retrieved January 16, As the team move to arrest Kate, her sister-in-law Jenny Julie McNiven discovers what she did and kills her in revenge. They are later arrested by the United States Coast Guard , but released soon after.

Five-0 realize he had files in his hard drive, which hadaii what the killers were after. Adam ‘Toast’ Charles Berit Kawaguchi Start your free trial. The two find a yacht, and come across a dead body, shot by the same weapon used by the hijacker.

Meanwhile, Doris reunites with McGarrett.

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During the gunfight, Stoner tries to shoot Steve, only for Kono to fatally shoot Stoner, ending the crisis once and for all. Zach Slater Matt Busha teenage boy and expert computer hacker, is released from juvenile hall but is abducted shortly after and later found dead. In order to learn the target, Five-0 must rescue fiv son. Back on land, the hijacker is identified as Gil Scates, a former security guard who was fired for inappropriate advances towards Kate Burgess Cynthia Watroswife of Al Burgess, the victim on the yacht.


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Retrieved June 10, Meanwhile, a masked man steals a safe from Doris. Ed Asner reprised his role as smuggler August March, a villain from the original series who become the first non-main character from it to have a rebooted version on the new series when McGarrett seeks March’s help in apprehending some art thieves.

He asks a guard for assistance, only to find out he is in on the conspiracy, and taken to corrupt and imprisoned detective Kaleo Jason Scott Lee. Retrieved July 8, Retrieved January 16, Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Danny and McGarrett follow Kamekona, who they believe is trying to avenge the man he thinks is responsible, although it is later revealed that Kamekona’s target was not involved in the murder.

Full Cast and Crew. Five-0 tracks the vehicle to HPD impound, where they discover Zack’s dead body in the trunk. This Week’s Top Trailers. The couple sneak into North Korea to find the real body. McGarrett concludes that whoever took Zack wanted information from him, but failed to get it.

Kono on the original series often called McGarrett “Boss. Retrieved June 4, It is later revealed that Ethan’s father was unknowingly helping a member of a gang that robbed a bank in Chicago some time ago, whose colleagues are now after his cut. Upon interrogation, Five-0 learns that Kate wanted Scates to kill her husband so they could be together, and then she sabotaged the yacht, making him a patsy.

Before she can relay this to the team, a trained team led by ex-Special Forces baddie Sean Winston storms the house and holds all the guests as hostages. Use the HTML below. Five-0 realize Delano and his crew are posing as cleaners so they could steal the drugs from HPD headquarters, the group having killed five innocent workers so that they could claim the dead men’s identities and sneak into the HPD Headquarters, undetected. Although Ray has hidden Ella, Danny beats her location out of him, and Ella is found and rescued.


Max finds the victim was sedated the night before, and the team trace it back to a bar, where a bar man reveals that he and a female accomplice, “Holly” Rebekah Steenmarked the victim to steal his money. Was this review helpful to you?

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You’re the reason I became a cop. The direction is lazy, with long scenes of uninteresting talking, shot as flatly as possible, before the next action sequence that unlike hwaii pilot turned out to have little or no meaning.

After Wo Fat escapes, the team later conclude he did not murder the victim. In the meantime, Five-0, at first believing he is taking time off to cope with Malia’s death, become suspicious when he misses his appointment with a psychiatrist. Grace Park as Kono Kalakaua.

However, he is arrested instead when the rest of the team locate him. Ballistics evidence matches the murder of flight cqst Angela in ” Kalele “.

McGarrett and Catherine later return to the U. Chin Ho and Kono canvas the scene of the kidnapping and question Zack’s family, including his autistic little brother, James, who winded up memorizing the license plate of the fve vehicle.

Posted on Nov 20, This is the first episode to feature Michelle Borth as a main cast member. Retrieved March 19, McGarrett confronts the Governor, who reveals that the prostitute may have slept with Chris Freed Wiley Picketta Congressman running to become a Senator.

Retrieved February 12, Meanwhile, Danny has to catch a stalker who sent a threatening letter to one of Victoria’s Secret ‘s models.

Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: Reviewing camera footage reveals that Jake killed his mother, because of the affair, and she was against paying the ransom ten years ago.

Doing ohuns job makes a cop.