The unit will attempt 3 cycles before going into lockout. We welcome your comments and suggestions. The control is wired with two orange wires. Close the valves on the cold water supply and hot outlet piping. Then, on the strap-on operating control, located just below the pressure and temperature gauge, disconnect one of the two red wires and route them back into the control panel. Turn off electrical power to the unit.

DIDO Contact options for registered users. This series has no built-in storage tank and requires a flow-limiting thermostat as its flow supply. Read resistance across valve connections, with orange wire removed. Now the Hi-Limit is wired in series with the operation control. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Finally, check the wiring to ensure that it is correct. Confirm gas source is present either by observing that other commonly connected gas appliances are working or using water gauge at inlet of valve.

I am being lazy, I know, bash me all you want. This limits the minimum temperature of the boiler to degrees F and prevents the cold system return from creating condensation on the copper fin coils that would eventually foul them. Page 25 in the manual tells us about the lights and what they can tell us about the lockout. Connect the remaining red wire to the safety limit switch. Just follow this simple procedure to flush your tank-less coils.


Thermostat upgrade problem with 9 wires.

It is not necessary when the safety limit wires are red. One without the other will not help you. Confirm gas source is present either by observing that other commonly connected gas appliances are working or using water gauge at inlet of valve. Push the sensing bulb as far into the fitting as possible before tightening sealing nut.

Trianco Heatmaker Boilers

Remove and repair seal the leaking joints or replace venting h factory approved stainless vent piping.

What is 80C in F. If you have any questions, call our technicians Monday — Friday, 5: Enough hot water during the day, but low water temp in the morning is a sign of this. The thermostat is stuck in the open position.

Heatmaker plus safety switch. Posted In General Chats and Discussions. Reassemble the mixing valve If you have any questions, call our technicians Monday-Friday, 5: Operators are standing by to put hewtmaker on hold! There are three different failure modes leading to lockouts and, therefore, it is important to identify in seconds the length of time that the gas valve is powered.

Trianco Heatmaker Boilers

First, it maintains minimum tank temperature for instant hot water use. It will reset automatically.


Connect the other end of this jumper to the safety limit switch. Replacement Thermostat Part Numbers: It is not affiliated with any of hratmaker manufacturers or service providers discussed here.

Hi-Limit switchStep-by-step Permalink Posted by parts4heating. Another in the series, from pros like Stormy and Canada Heat!

These service issues relate to Low Limit control and its function. In Heatmaker Model HW units manufactured prior tothe safety Hi-Limit may be located in the lockout circuit instead of in-series with the operating control, as in subsequent models. If your AMTI Trianco Heatmaker Model H or HW unit exhibits boiling, kettling or moaning noises upon a rise in the boiler temperature, it is time to siphon clean the combustion coil boiler tubes.

To replace, perform the same operations in reverse. Reassemble the mixing valve, open all valves and then run hot water for 5 minutes. Read resistance across igniter, should be under ohms cold.

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