Grid View List View. Magic Market Index for Feb 8th, Get our newsletter every Friday! It’s a terrible thing that really needs to completely stop. Does religion have too much influence within the U. How many genders are there? To be honest it sounds like they hate people that are comfortable being who they are. I don’t know if what you are describing is really happening.

Should the public give money to beggars? Spending some time “studying” Tumblr and actually taking part on the blogs, I found out that hostility towards people who disagrees with homosexuals read this carefully, I’m talking about disagreeing with the ideas of some homosexuals regarding fandoms and such, NOT with homosexuality are immediately crucified by LGBT and Heterosexuals alike. Heterosexuals not all heterosexuals literally hate us because they believe liking the same gender or being transgender is sinful and should be punished, or they believe liking the same gender or being transgender are not what mother nature had in mind and therefore we are seen as abnormal people, menaces to society, or abominations. Sounds about right, yeah. In a sense Heterophobia could be real but that’d be only in times of fear for our lives as we are literally targeted, hunted down and harmed and killed intentionally. Heterophobia is just a made-up problem created by whiny straight people who feel left out. Last edited by TomCat None of these things exist.

We are killed and harmed because we don’t follow ‘God’s’ way or we aren’t ‘normal’ or what nature ‘created’. This so called and self serving social justice that’s becoming common, specially on the newest generations. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday.

Heterophobia Is Not Real

Most to Least Likes: Heterophobia says that good queers stay quiet. I have to disagree with you on the fact the the LGBT community is being “hunted”. It is obvious that it happens rarely in comparison to homophobia and homophobia is probably a bigger problem. Magic Market Index for Feb 1st, Oath of the Movue the set that caused the competitive community mlvie freak out over Basic Lands.


I’m just voicing my opinion in the most ‘politically correct’ way I can. Sign In Sign Up. Dies to Weeping Angels.

Last edited by TomCat There are some extreme feminists who believe and promote that all sex involving cis straight Hetero men is rape of the woman. Heteropuobia you say that heterophobia doesn’t exist you’ve clearly ever been anywhere near tumblr.

So far I’ve found none. Heterophobia is someone telling you that you need to be a better ally and pushing you to be more accountable and tunblr in your relationships to others.

You can do better. One time, I tried starting a Straight-Straight Alliance club at my school to lure out the heteros, but all I got was a one piece swimsuit, a croissant, and tymblr picture of Ben Stiller. What is the lgbt community doing?

Reblog if you tooare one of the scandalous heterophobes whom hates karamel. Kara isn’t straight lol y’all dumb anti karamel supercorp karolsen Kara Danvers Kara Zoe tumbl supergirl heterophobia.

Is their such thing as heterophobia? |

None of these things exist. It movke as though here you’re saying all heteros are out to get anyone who is not. Also, using the word “homosexual” with a homosexual is now considered an insult, according to many posts I’ve seen on said blog.

Saddam Hussein was heterosexual. Just like there are many who will consider you a bigot if you as a straight men will not have sex with other men who feel like they are women. What are you going to do?

Most to Least Replies: We have the right to be afraid of being discriminated against in the work place by heterosexual employers. In a sense Heterophobia could be real but that’d be only in times of fear for our lives as we are literally targeted, hunted down and harmed and killed intentionally.


Really I think people need to learn that fighting discrimination with more discrimination isn’t the answer, and to move past that they first need to recognise what they’re doing. Least to Most Replies: To anyone out there who agrees with this darling little bigot: I feel like because misting the world identifies as neither male or female it’s simple inconvenient and expensive to make extra bathrooms for all other genders, and a unisex bathroom is kinda difficult as well in its own ways.

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing I’m simply saying that heterosexuals are a major part of the entire animal kingdom because biologically that’s how you reproduce and keep a species alive.

anti heterophobia

Related Opinions Should all human beings desire to be more like a master race of Aryans? To think, some people just look at porn.

This image is cursed. Like, does everyone remember that time that show got boycotted and people were outraged over because a heterosexual couple kissed?! This rationale is similar to the one that Daniel Tosh infamously displayed last year by verbally assaulting heteropyobia female attendee at his show. As a serious side note, I never said that they were oppressed.

We are afraid for our lives, Goddammit!

But humans are humans and even thought we’ve come a long way, there’s always going to be homophobic people who really live in the wrong century. If a movoe person has told you “Ew straight people”, Then I’m sorry you had a bad day, But it doesn’t even compare to the systematic abuse gay people have dealt with for decades. This site works best with JavaScript enabled.

So literally, do us all a favor and just quit.