Creativity Knowledge of language Vocabulary Expression5. Reading comprehension 20 marks Reading comprehension of the short passages related to syllabus unseen passages,MCQ Section B: Text Prose- 40 marks 1. Albums of famous writers in Malayalam. Textbook Lesson 3. Reading Comprehension Section B:

Assessment The syllabus developed is interactive and communicative in nature. Marupki Matou by B. B,Ha, C, K, Uz 1 Nungchate Leh Zofate – B. Pupils can understand the main points and some of the details in short written texts. Write an Essay on any one Topic. Reading Comprehensive 10 Section B: Harimani Khwusethi – Ranendra Narayan Basumatary 3.

Denpa zi labna gan in sina – Dhugnalgi denpa, Kuenjyungi denpa, Ghogpoi denpa dang Lamgi denpa in.

Very short Comprehension answer type 1. Non-verbal Cues Eye contact with audience and other performers. News reporting, translation Kashmiri to English Long composition: Reading comprehension 20 marks Reading comprehension of the short passages related to syllabus unseen passages,MCQ Section B: The father, the mother and theirchildren make a tingkkatan family. Adhikar by Takhellambam Thoibi Devi3. Prescribed book Minnano Nihongo Indian-edition Past participle Partizip Perfekt 10 marks2.

Secondary School Curriculum Vol.2

Prose- 1 Parivarthane 25 marks2 George. Question making 5 g. P -1 Sant Wani2.

The Formative Assessment may be done for all of the following learning concepts. Learners should get opportunities to connect between different areas of knowledge and application.

Idioms from text 4. Write anapplication01 iii TranslationA visit to a village farmRemember, no one is perfect, but every individual is unique! Questions from Prose -Chapter 8, 9, 10 containing five V. Every teacher shall tingkatna in a year not less than hours to the actual teaching in classroom in classes I-VIII, out of which not more than hours may be tingaktan to be devoted for remedial teaching and attention to weak and gifted students before or after the school hours.


Pupils can write about characters about familiar topics eg. Bawichhuaka27Total 90Prescribed Text Books: Prose comprehension textual 2.

Nulee Geybu Saknonka 15 Marks2. Other written tasks should include-making a poster for the school notice board, writing short messages as also short formal Emails.

Number of periods may be 07 allotted for the first language for classes IX to X. A simulated conversation on future plans Structure to be given. Satyanath Bora ii Luku Dekaphukanar Deshbhakti: Literature – 50 marks. Speaking skills are to be promoted in class. They are aware of consequences and take ownership of their deeds. Write the biography of a famous person. Aspects of verbs 1 So never compare yourself with anyone. Produce five Persian couplets.

The fortress stadium sozo world cinema is same. Grammar – 35 marks Section – D: One grammar based question of 1 Mark will be set from each passage. Sensitivity to others’ well-being and feelings, together with knowledge and understanding of the world, should form the basis of a rational commitment to values. Applied Grammar based on the text book prescribed L9-L13 25 marks Particles, adverb, conjunctions, idioms and vocabularies, verb conjugations, tenses, verb meaning Section D: Vityutnev and others Edition.


Ukku chig tingla khobrang rang rangi khyed chyo shyedpe ngagyal gyidrub goh tsug bu yinok. Varna ka bhed Type Questionb. It is the national lan-guage of Indonesia as IndonesianMalaysia also known as Malaysianand Brunei, and it is one of the four official languages of Singapore.

Lesson to be Studied i Laahang, ii Phung Cha it.

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To develop a keen interest towards literature. Bedava porno retro komedi izle. SozoWorld Sozo World is one of the best cinema in Lahore having the biggest silver screen 22×48 feet in the Town. Persian names of ten animals. Idioms from text 7. Khuavel ila Chhing Ngei Ang – V. Question Based on traditional poem, traditional prose, modern poem and short story from text.

We also saw vegetables grown in the farm. Idioms from text 4. Rangi dalja-la gong-mui shey-laktu dron shyu.