Set in s London, Reynolds Woodcock is a renowned dressmaker whose fastidious life is disrupted by a young, strong-willed woman, Alma, who becomes his muse and lover. RustyNails Member Oct 17, R 98 min Action, Thriller. But that’s where the negatives come. And, such a thing will work only if the execution is beyond excellent. While they look for revenge with Haku Kale, Haku has his own plan of robbing next bank. I don’t hate this movie at all, but at the same time, I don’t like it either. Some plotlines are recycled versions of the plotlines from previous Die Hard movies.

It was a pathetic excuse for a cash grab. There are quick reminders of what is actually going on, along with some entertaining sequences. Seriously, forcefully separated because her love will prevent him from becoming the greatest soldier of the country? Laxmi Nath Sharma Stars: Batman v Superman was the proof. There are some bad parts as well.

And I don’t even wish to.

The recent-ish movie I really loved in movid genre was “Prisoners” Every character is peculiar and memorable. It had some well written characters, a gripping screenplay and a terrific direction. It has a considerable amount of violent “intimate” scenes and some graphic scenes quite similar to that.

Holy Shit.. this man is physically and mentally ill! –

I’d say Ranbir is far ahead of these two and he’s even overtaken Hrithik. I haven’t seen all of his movies, but this is by far the worst Gary Oldman performance I have ever seen. Also, the actions are bad. The character by holushit, here, I mean obsession development is done so smoothly that we see the protagonist become an antagonist, while the antagonist remains somewhat the same.

I see mivie great actor in Shawn Ashmore, but if he’s stuck with movies like this, I won’t care for him movis. The Leon-Mathilda plotline, except for this part, was quite good.

It’s mostly the Salman fans who are over the top. The film ties up with the events of the first one, gujda clearly creates some plot holes as the entire film was about astral projection but the way this film ties it up shows as if it was something similar to this film, making this more of a nonsense.


It has a unique premise and backstory. However, the female leads Kristi Mainali and Sharmila Malla could and should have had better roles than just being ‘heroines’. In fact, the whole movie can be weirdly related to a magic trick. So, there may be 10 reviews a day, or none hoylshit a month. Those were some real thrills. That part is probably the most terribly written and directed among all, along with how songs featuring Chunky and Sunny pop out. Not saying that the way they killed off the character was bad.

They made me forget that I took Vision as a robot for best. The songs were useless in the first place, and to make this garbage more stinky, it greatly hampered the pacing mvoie the movie. It feels like a crime drama, gangster movie, mob movie, lost and found romantic movie, lost and found family movie, patriotic movie with all those “desh” related dialogues but not really any of them.

No movie has been so unsettling for me. Afghan war deaths in record high The Daily Tribune.

It just got worse after each viewing. The actors have mostly done a great job. The characters in the movie may or may not know about it, but the viewers will definitely do.

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I found it to be one of the best movies mocie I consider this and The Dark Knight to be the bests in the genre. As much as I understood his doings, in this particular movie, he was holyshkt a generic villain who wanted to bring down an extremely powerful hero by any means. But this was a movie, perhaps the first MCU movie, Moviie was completely excited for. The action sequences by the legendary stars Shiva Shrestha and Bhuwan K. A part of the remaining part of the movie is the prominent use of plot devices whenever needed – literally.


X-Men United””Thor: Thor has the Ragnarok vibe with him, Guardians have that peculiar James Gunn style to it – not a huge fan of the GotG films, but that was pulled off really well, Hokyshit has the Homecoming vibe with him and the ones sided with Captain America and Captain America himself had that post Civil War vibe.

The songs, except “batasale udai lyayo” Kumar Kaanchhaa and Asha Bhosle and “diyo bali saanjh ko” Asha Bhosleare sung by the greatest singer of all time Swar Samrat Narayangopal Guruvacharya and the queen of Indian pop music Asha Bhosle.

Just got confused a lot and asked myself “why are they doing this? Add to Playlist Play Video. This movie isn’t talked about these days. I felt Lex Luthor and his motives against Superman were undercooked.

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So, I don’t know how I feel about this. They come out very awkwardly and lose all the weight and legitimacy. I don’t know what’s holyshut reason behind this movie getting, not only Oscars, but almost every Best Film and Best Direction award.

So much of a complex story, yet no giant inconsistencies at all. And, such a thing will work only if the execution is beyond excellent.