SBS was also forced to defend the show by stating that the series was not receiving funding from the government, and it was instead being funded by the network’s own revenue raising activities. This article needs additional citations for verification. Views Read Edit View history. The cast of Housos. In a few episodes, Pauly will break the fourth wall and, as himself, the self-described ” fil-um maker “, [sic] present featurettes that reveal the history of the series, often in a tongue-in-cheek or parody manner. The film was shown in Australian cinemas from 27 November The Chullora store is known to have operated as a pizzeria between and , but as of the shop has been sold and the interior has been stripped completely.

The cast of Housos. The media films Bobo is making pizzas in an unhygienic fashion. He gets a crush on DJ BJ. The film was shown in Australian cinemas from 27 November Send a follower request via the social media link. Habib sets off all his old crackers before the ban is enforced, Davo is arrested for robbing a service station to pay for pizzas and Pauly drives to Canberra with Habib’s cousin Omar to buy crackers. Pauly is forced to babysit his uncle’s grossly overweight child and runs into severe problems when his car is stolen. Dazza goes too far and develops an addiction, causing him to trip out.

Habib forms up a team of Franky, Kev, Shazza and Abdul to work as tradies for the installation rip off scam. Meanwhile Habib and Rocky try out a new scam inside an ATM ffed is stolen by bogans with Habib still inside and Bobo is busted perving on Claudia MacPherson by his wife and his mother.

Bobo is furious at TV chef Bernard for giving a bad review on his pizzas and wants revenge. Inthe storyline of the series was combined with that of Housos to create the motion picture Fat Pizza vs.

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Assault charges are pressed against Pauly, who defends himself after being abused by an old and disabled man, against Bobo, who prejudicially declined the applications of a lesbian, a blind man, an housls man and an old and disabled man, and against Habib, Rocky and the boys who faked that they were disabled but were caught out comfortably playing rugby in the park.

Meet the residents of the block of the Episoce Housing commission. Bobo has a day off and goes to Cronulla beach with his ex-porn star Ruby. Views Read Edit View history. Ralph Breaks the Internet – Movies Feb 24th.

When Shazza is desperate for cash after the events of Dazza ending in jail for attempting to steal a car and needing bail money and paying for her father Wazza gambling debts. At the end of the episode, Pauly is abducted by aliens. Dazza goes too far and develops an addiction, causing him to trip out.


Uncle Fred taught Franky everything he knows, how to pick up chicks, do thongings, burnouts and graffiti stuff. When Shazza writes down Toukley as her holiday destination of choice the Current Affair thought she wrote down Tokyo due to her bad hand writing. Housos The cast of Housos. Bobo’s gay Italian cousin Santino comes to visit from Italy. Black comedy Off-color humor Slapstick Adventure.

Housos – S2.E4 – Uncle Fred

This page was last edited on 18 Novemberat Franky, Kev, Dazza and Reg are sent to maximum security after helping Beryl escape the police. As usual not all is well in the land of fat pizza. Things are not all sober at rehab though and Dazza is starting to thrive, the junkies bring in drugs, a sex addict is attracted to him and his mates are constantly visiting – with beer. If the drugs don’t get to the Hunterz associate they will kill Dazza James.

After taking a drug cocktail and seeing aliens Dazza is committed to a rehab facility. Which ultimately lands him in rehab. They stay in a hotel and set out to some night clubs to meet some girls.

Uncle Fred

When most of the residents on the block have gone on holidays. If in doubt, do not use.

Chong Fat admits that Davo had stolen the dog, Habib and Rocky had stolen the dog off Davo and offered him a ransom to pay if he wanted it back or else they would chop off its head. Although in his dreams colonial Australia keeps turning into a rap video clip with sexy female dancers at every corner. Habib marries Toula, after proposing to her when he was drunk, at a shifty venue.

Davo is taken to the police station and tells the officers that Habib and Rocky then stole the dog off him. The film was shown in Australian cinemas from 27 November Employing many of their previous workers including Sleek the Elite, as well as a few locals, their re-establishment in Sunnyvale results in conflict with the local Housos, notably Shazza Jones, Franky Falzoni ucnle Kev the Kiwi.

Retrieved 19 November Upon his release, he and his Mama attempt to reopen Fat Pizza, their former business in the fictional Sydney suburb of Hashfield.

However the new deliverer ends up being killed by an axe murderer. Sleek tries out a new deodorant that leaves such an attractive scent he ends up in tight squeezes with drag queens, crazy chefs, a porn star, and a rock band called Srason Regurgitators.


An Actor attempts to swason Fat Pizza for damages following an altercation with Bobo, Sleek also attempts to file a lawsuit, against a Wrestler, meanwhile, the filming of a “James Bond” movie takes place at a nearby Movie studio, and frequent usage of Mobile Phones results in a Petrol station in Campsie blowing up.

Pauly reconnects with an old classmate who had a crush on him through several pizza deliveries. Pizza itself was first broadcast seson the SBS network in and aired its fifth and final season epidode The boys take a trip to SEXPO because Habib is interested in making a porno and wants to find actresses to perform in it. While Sleek wins, Bobo is on a losing streak and finds himself desperate enough to bet his shop.

The cops arrested Rocky and Habib and took them epixode trial. Claudia MacPherson hires a personal trainer because she is told she is fat and Pauly ends up giving a heart attack victim mouth to mouth with a vacuum cleaner. The 5 try to get on the disability pensions from Centrelink.

It’s Bobo’s birthday and the boys have hired a stripper for him whom his mother and wife catch him out hiusos. The premier of New South Wales passes a new homeboy law allowing police to detain and search anyone in a baseball hat or tracksuit. Meanwhile Fat Pizza’s oven has broken, Rocky and Kev get into a fight over Katrina, and a new police officer is causing a little trouble.

Bobo instructs his crew to work dressed with Christmas attire in July, which was encouraged by Bobo’s mail-order bride Lin Chow, while Davo is engrossed in a new religion.

The program is written and directed by Paul Fenech, who portrays the protagonist of the series, pizza deliveryman Pauly. In response to a new Government ban on crackers and new “working for tips” laws, the pizza shop workers suffer more grief than usual.

Disclaimer – This is a news site. The housos are excited to watch themselves on TV but it soon becomes apparent that the show is editing out the truth to make the rred look good and the housos are not happy. Habib sets off all his old crackers before the ban is enforced, Davo is housoss for robbing a service station to pay for pizzas and Pauly drives to Canberra with Habib’s cousin Omar to buy crackers.