After sighting the Ifrit, Terry rushes home and explains to Arlene that she is no longer safe with him because of the curse. He actually did well to survive that long normally most characters last only 2 takes on the show…LOL. Bill, in his scheming blood-lust, tricks Salome into drinking blood laced with silver, and stakes her. List of True Blood episodes. Unable to read the document, Sookie and Jason go to the fey haven and learn from a year-old faerie that the document is actually a contract written on 5 August by John William Stackhouse, promising the first fey-bearing heir of the Stackhouse clan to Mr. It was pitch-perfect, and very poignant. Bartolo sews Lafayette’s lips shut horrifying!

However, Eric is distracted by the ghost? Alcide preps for his fight with J. Keep your powers, Sookie! Views Read Edit View history. Accept Reject Read More. Jessica, whom they try to persuade him to kill. True Blood Season 5:

Nora gortenberry to doubt the true religion and re-connects with Eric, and Bill orders Jessica to turn Jason into a vampire, but she escapes. Armed with evidence of the Authority’s hand in the recent factory bombings and of Russell and Steve killing 22 college students, a U. He actually did well to survive that long normally most characters last only 2 takes on the show…LOL.

I hope they bring you back one day. He might not be able to avoid vampires in Alaska though — I’m sure they really appreciate the extended night hours. It should go up here Thursday.

Sookie and Lafayette wait for Pam spoilefs Tara to awaken, and are upset when it seems that Tara is dead. The head vampires, now on a blood-induced high, crash a private wedding party on Bourbon Street and feast on all of the humans present.

At Authority headquarters, Roman and Salome continue interrogating Nora, and using information from her they find and execute a traitor within the Council. Secondly, they sort of did that whole thing last season and it would be really boring to me to see that whole thing played out again.

Over-night fan almost literally of the Sookie Stackhouse series since early Before he goes, he asks Jessica to glamor him into forgetting she and Jason ever existed. If he were only pretending, he’d have kept Jessica as far away from the Authority as possible.


We celebrated the death of Maxine Fortenberry on True Blood He has to come home and visit Mama Maxine sometime. Back in Bon Temps, Andy is forced by the pregnant Maurella to deliver her quadruplet half-faerie babies with assistance from Holly. Soon a naked hallucinatory Lilith appears, and seems pleased with the vampiric orgy. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Sam warns Luna about the attacks but before he leaves, a truck with masked gunmen appear and shoot them, incapacitating both of them, but Emma escapes. Jack March 12, at After thinking on it, she starts the meter running by going outside her house and lighting up the sky spoiers her hands.

Alcide asks Fortebnerry to live with him, due to Russell Edgington’s escape, but she declines. This season has been a tumultuous one for Hoyt and Jim has done a wonderful job portraying his various moods. Lafayette is Merlotte’s chef and, after dealing “V” got him almost killed by vampire mafias, he joined the witches who are trying defend humans from vampires.

Roll on June 12th i put my holidays off so i wont spoilerd the start of season4, i saw the still of eric on the road with no top on, i nearly fainted, PLEASE keep book4 real for us fans. Jim ,Thank you for the 5 seasons as Hoyt you will be missed. Terry’s old Marine friend, Patrick, visits a distracted and abrasive Terry, and Arlene is again caught in the emotional crossfire.

True Blood Season 5: Trailer, Spoilers and 7 Things All Non Fans Should Know

Sookie runs out to check on Jason, and Eric holds Nora back from her intoxicating scent. By using this site, you agree spoliers the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. With a background in art, seaaon enjoys creating in Photoshop, running web sites and finds the internet an exciting place to be. In Fangtasia, Pam refuses to be spooked by the True Blood crisis, but is angered by the arrival of a new vampire sheriff named Elijah. I was informed that u guys will b introducing witches this season, true or false?

As a result, profits are way down at Fangtasia — the humans are too scared to venture in. Click here to cancel reply. When Tara makes a scene at Merlotte’s, Sookie finally decides to tell Alcide the truth about Debbie, and Tara attempts to commit suicide in a tanning salon. My sincere thanks to him for giving us a marvelous and very believable character in Hoyt Fortenberry.


Poor Jason is heartbroken at losing his best friend, but lets him go in the end. Their training has plenty of sexual tension, but Martha shows up and spoils the fun. Elsewhere, Tara begins tending the bar on Pam’s orders, and Jessica gives her advice on coping with vampirism, but when she later discovers Tara feeding on Hoyt, she attacks her.

True Blood Season 5: Trailer, Spoilers and 7 Things All Non Fans Should Know

Terry is so sick of being chased by this curse, he almost kills himself with Patrick’s gun. While they’re wreaking havoc, seasoh apparition of Lilith appears to all of them and urges them on. Should you tip with cash or a credit card? Retrieved July 24, Well done by Jim, Deborah Ann and Ryan.

SPOILERS: What’s Up with Tara, Jessica, Sam and Hoyt?

Previous Big Brother Spoilers: Meanwhile, Pam takes the fall for Tara’s murder of the new vampire sheriff and is taken with Jessica to the Authority. From the first time we saw him, he intended to create mass chaos. In New Orleans, Bill successfully barters with the Authority Chancellors and their leader, Roman, for his and Eric’s lives in return for hunting Edgington down again.

Sookie and Alcide are getting intimate, and as they enter her bedroom, Alcide whispers to her that he has been waiting for this for a long time. She even told him to find a new love and let go of his life in Bon Temps. Laffy knows where Tara is? Suddenly however, a reanimated Tara pops up and lunges for Sookie.