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Saranaufogus April 30, at 7: The future is a terrifying thing. I hope he make up his mind about Mayaka soon. Distance has been reimposed. Good Episode, Oreki didn’t get a chocolate, though.. This site uses cookies. Hopefully it does pick up over the next few eps.

It was also my favorite one yet. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Bengewatchergirl on Blood-C Review. That blocking and arm-grip in the club room really show how he cared. After Mayaka playfully note the bunnies! You can read more of the article here.

Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. The cold feeling of his past life the snowball.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Chitanda be in love with Oreki. I somewhat understand how he felt about it. Said relationship development was fantastically thorough and refreshingly complex, never slipping into peaceful, simple conclusions, but allowing for some natural conflicts to arise, however temporary those might have been.

Will this happen next week? The blushing are different and mood from her. The question is will it end at St-Valentines or go beyond?

Hyouka, Episode 21 – Mage in a Barrel

Fukube is probably the most interesting character in the show for me. However, note that Chitanda starts this line of conversation. Meaningful shots and sequences, little bits of character work that I glossed over, and more. My Layout Animefushugi x My Devianart. I like this episode, it shows Satoshi weakness and bad traits.


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And the I find out there’s another fucking episode!!!! And that is not a worry exclusive to adolescents. I for one thought it was an ok episode. Email Subscription Enter hoyuka email address to follow Otakuness and receive notifications of new posts via email. As Animefuzhigi said in my comment about, I was feeling a bit insecure about the post just because of how dense the episode is. They haven’t announce the 2nd season for Hyouka.

Hopefully he will be redeemed next episode cause I’m losing all hope in him. That is the start of it in the spoiler. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. And so, as he concocts a lie to resolve the problem, he asks Chitanda to trust him. She had used carbon monoxide to slowly suffocate them after having induced sleep via sleeping pills. He had some strange reasons for making it look like the chocolate was stolen. Personally, the whole abstract feel reminds me of series such as Nisemonogatari and I would rather this show stick to the typical beautiful SoL style of animation that carries a warm and wonderful glow.

Usually characters that reminds me of him tend to go overboard on the enthusiasm and energy levels. This site uses cookies.

Satoshi was a big jerk, and to the girl he likes to make it worse There is still much I could say about this episode. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.


I was fascinated by the art have not seen K-ON! I don’t think Eru is all-in for Oreki yet as well, though. Ah man, it just seems like the Hyouka LN and Anime are in such an awkward situation that nobody aninefushigi knows what they should do. To make that move, Satoshi spills out everything.

Everything after that, until Chitanda ainmefushigi, is just a performance for her benefit and her benefit alone. As such, I expect it to provide a thoroughly satisfying and excellent conclusion.

Perhaps it is the youth who, by virtue of their age, instinctively understand they cannot control the future and thus fear it who are more real than the adults. Even if this is a 24 episode anime, it’ll seem a bit rushed if they try and fit an entire Volume of content into 2 episodes.

Go for it man. That was a great episode. You can definitely see hints of other series in the execution of the show be it in the background animation, or in the mannerisms of the character.

He makes a choice. As Eru would hyouma It was quite amazing for a segment of this episode animefusihgi a little short.