He also assumes the direction of Teatr Polski and remains at his position well after the collapse of communism. Amphitryon, Sozya, Cleantis and the Captains are waiting for Jupiter to confront them. Agesilaus asks his companions where Agis is, they respond that he is still asleep. People have a conversation. Smolarek , Hippolyta C. After the defeat of the Uprising, he abandoned writing and went to Rome to be ordained priest in They go to the Greek island of Chiara and there have a son Irydion and daughter Elsinoe, whom they rear in the spirit of revenge on Rome.

Archidamia comes to him to the temple of fear and she informs that she has come to be hung together with Agis. In , he tried to join the short-lived uprising against Prussia in Greater Poland but was arrested and deported to Paris. Burczyk , Haimon A. After an ill advised meeting with a rival campaign manager he finds himself increasingly compromised with his boss as well as uncovering some startling revelations about his candidate he’s working for Translated by Adam Czerniawski. In a contemporary setting, a group of family and friends spend three days at a spa — treatment centre. Barbara Borman, design Andrzej Sadowski, mus. A more authentic artistic freedom was an ephemeral gift of fate to theatres for only one season

He was a high ranking politician and knew everybody in the government; his problem was that he was one of the few MPs not affiliated with fllm communists, a sort of token Catholic MP, tolerated for PR reasons and without real clout. He expresses his adoration for her and talks about idyy difference between being a lover and being a husband. He demands the imperial ring. The analysis of a selected play includes a list and a discussion of the reviews illustrating political and social reactions to each spectacle.


One of the angels teases Tempus, the symbol of Time. Andrzej Dziuk, design Andrzej Majewski, mus. Theatrical Festivals, often with participation of theatre companies from other communist countries, and some friendly noncommunist states, such as e. Karol Borowski June 26, There are as many exquisite names in poetry and their kinship with Graeco-Roman legacy is not less pronounced. In a contemporary setting, a group of family and friends spend three days at a spa — treatment centre.

Someone suggests that he must have fled. Ukalegon speaks after many deserving nobles and his speech determines the fate of the Spartan queen. Malwina Szczepkowska, design Feliks Krassowski. When Agis meets Agesilaus there, Agesilaus marowe him that he had better show remorse, but Agis responds that he dosen’t regret anything.

The Ides of March (2011) – Director: George Clooney

Maria Straszewska in collab. Giovanni Pampiglione, design Wojciech Krakowski, trans. Kazimierz Braun, design Zofia de InesLewczuk. We intend to do it for the online version that will be posted on OBTA website some time following the January conference in Warsaw. Bogdan Ciosek, design Ryszard Melliwa, mus. Communist Member of Parliament Consulted online at www.


Vojo Stankovski, design Janusz Trzebiatowski, mus. In the Committee for Culture of the PZPR, under the leadership of Leon Kruczkowski,38 compiled a damning report on the condition of Polish theatres championing the return of full control on the repertory. KurekKleonike E. The wide obsaa of ancient authors in Poland is documented by numerous studies on the subject and by the number of translations.

Jerzy Jarocki, design Wojciech Krakowski. The play illustrates the Polish society of that period and the struggle for independence. Aleksander Strokowski, design Henri Poulain, mus. Then comes Flm and says that Agesilaus invented the device of the thirteenth month.

Proud to have been of giants divine A student; proud of marvels amrcowe my rhymes I hear ringing just the same, Proud of my soul finding Guides Among years bygone JanuaryVade-mecumFulminantAssunta Bio based on: The Renaissance was using fully primary sources, learning from Latin prose and poetry, slowly approaching even the shining Greek literature.

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Krystyna Ankwicz, design Jan Smosarski. Kazimierz Dejmek March 27, Stanislaw Przybyszewski and the Russian Stage. Menelaus announces a bloody revenge and a destruction of the city.