But the gloating face he put on after shi Hoo was almost hit was too hilarious i thought. Bong Soon is willing to put aside her vengeance for Yong — she calls her dad for help. Shi Hoo balefully glares at Iljimae. He demands the girl, and bursts past the gate using his brute strength, shoving people aside in his attempt to take her away. You’re right java, Il Woo had taken a lot of pressure for taking this role, clearly he’s really serious with his Iljimae, very unique, even though when we only see his eyes cause of the mask, we still feel his emotion XD that’s why I admire him more: Switch to Dani calmly hanging clothes in the yard. I will take my time recapping lljimae. He brushes her off by stating that she should leave with her father before she gets herself in trouble polite and gentle.

Except Shi Hoo knows his mother is Dani, and figures it out. They indulge in a moment of recollection. Swe Dol just looks solemn. Eun Chae moves to chop Iljimae in half um, skull usually not best point of entry for sword but Iljimae has the superior fighter skillz so he ends up holding Eun Chae by swordpoint. Swe Dol is left with Dani alone, as he requested. I saw you hugging it like crazy the other day… Yong: I thought he was particularly good in this episode, not for a specific scene but for his overall intensity and expression. Thank Sevenses for all the recaps….


I was very frustrated. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: She helps him set up shop again. He tries to eat it but ends up episodw on it. He tells Yong to hurry home and see. Thanks so much for another recap and keeping this fresh in everyone’s mind Swe Dol thanks her for loving him.

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Bong Soon brings in a dish of freshly washed fruits with medicinal water, no less! Shi Hoo shouts at the retreating lovers that he should never turn his back, unless he wants to be attacked from the behind.

Shi Wan looks on, and spots Yong. Funny thing is, two servants get their brooms and deliberately sweep in the way of the guards, so that Iljimae has time to get away. This is when I start crying.

Or at least have him reconcile with Dani. Because it was special to you! Swe Dol experiences a lull in his business, and is despondent — those two things not being related at all, but everyone else thinks it is. Iljimae of Jun Ki is not bad, but the plot ‘s quite a mixture of so many stories from many books I’ve read before: Though he realizes the extent of his feelings for her after she commits suicide, and he himself gets a gunshot in the shoulder and almost dies.

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The proud father of Mr. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


Dani pours him the spiked wine and he takes a drink…. He apologizes for being a useless dad, and Shi Hoo epiosde away while crying.

Iljimae episode 5 recap

Right now I am waiting on new episodes of a bunch of shows. Bong Soon, spilling saline spectacularly, lets him go. Thank Sevenses for all the recaps…. She kinda remind me of Swe Dol. How they confirmed, is a mystery, since Kyum is obviously alive. Iljimae be damned, where did he learn how to ride? Comments 12 Trackbacks 1 Leave a comment Trackback. He mentions that the lord of the house bought a new, Western style lock that delayed Iljimae until he was discovered by the guards.

Kim asks the others to pitch in enough money to hire Park Su-dong.

I heard that this is like one of the most important episodes, so thanks for a very clear discription. I am in love with Jung II-Woo!

Swe Dol asked Gyeom when his hair growing to grow back. I only really needed someone who was in your position.

Haha, I see what you mean. The old man is puzzled. What a strange relationship. Please, just this once, can I see your face?