Iljimae is framed for his death. As for learning Korean, Kdramas are a great help, but I wouldn’t advise you to start with this or any other Saeguk, whether fusion, semi-fusion like this or pure. The crown prince of Korea or is it Chosun? None of the three robbed nobles are on that list. Still, I remember him deeply. He demands the girl, and bursts past the gate using his brute strength, shoving people aside in his attempt to take her away. I went and checked on the Chinese forums — but I was so confused!

Bong Soon comes and buys the tree. However, the one they chase is also bleeding…. Yong rushes in and tries to wake his father up, demanding bewilderedly why. Cancel reply Enter your comment here Some assassins disguised into guards tied up Byun Shik. She gets on the horse, but notices plum blossom petals fluttering around in the air.

You are commenting using your WordPress. He loves her… and the whole star-crossed thing just makes it more powerful, that it can overcome that kind of history remember HGD and Enok? They smile 61 each other.

We stay solidly in Joseun until the last couple of minutes of runtime, at which point we see Seoul re-grow on the green slopes of Hanyang, reversing the transformation scene of in ep 1, and we are back in the study of that modern writer called Wol Hee, no less, whose voice we have been hearing as narrator throughout, and who has this to her unaccountable but plainly all-consuming fascination with recovering the traces of Illjimae. The assassin rebukes him episdoe not raising his daughter properly, and reminds him that his sons are in the palace.


So he really has to answer all the questions. Episodes by LollyPip. I know him since high kick and uljimae love but now I admit he ‘s a talented, serious actor.

Kunghe sends him away. Eun Chae joins in on the begging, and he decides not to kill Byun Shik after all. I have a couple of questions. View all posts by jnewin. I really hate it when the writers do that.

The assassin is hard hit by this. The assassin tells his sidekick to check up on Eun Chae. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Back to Swe Dol and Dani. Dani can only sob. The only rule is to Be Nice! Adobe Flash Player version 9 or gecap is required to play this audio clip. She flashes back to all her times ilimae Iljimae. KST korean showbiz news box Damm evil writers! Braids is curious and checks out what he was taking, since he knows the crown prince has been ill.

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The doctor on the case determines that the c. Still, I remember him deeply.

Kudos to him, as well as the writier and PD. Bong Soon, spilling saline spectacularly, lets him go. The hunter is happily cleaning his traps when Iljimae staggers to his hut, mask off.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Then we see Swe Dol walking around like nothing happened. I am hence in higher spirits to interpret this. Notify me of new comments via email.


Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of recqp posts by email. Some of us couldn’t figure out if she was really a man or a woman. Download the latest version here. Thanks so much for the recap! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Swe Dol is almost comically panicked at hearing this.

Or at least have iljimas reconcile with Dani. As for learning Korean, Kdramas are a great help, but I wouldn’t advise you to start with this or any other Saeguk, whether fusion, semi-fusion like this or pure. The guy needs to take care of himself or LJK is going to be the next celebrity to collapse under the stress of working.

He climbs to the roof of his house and watches there. The hunter spies on Yong, who waits impatiently.

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Eun Chae rushes up and begs him to not kill her brother. Except Shi Hoo knows his mother is Dani, and figures it out.

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Join 61 other followers Sign me up! Byun Shik is like, who the hell are you?? Iljimae easily beats him.