At this point Ban and Kazuki independently come to a realization. Contest Organiser 1 episode, Desk Attendant 1 episode, Mitch Kamin 2 episodes, Crick Montgomery 3 episodes, Karate Coach uncredited 1 episode, I Already Have an Account.

Noah 1 episode, Allison 2 episodes, A businessman named Sasakida commissions the Get Backers to recover a briefcase that a pack of high school girls stole the night before. Loathing 1 episode, Bertner 1 episode, Sundasky 3 episodes, Ed Watson 3 episodes, Shido fights Masaki and is probably on the brink of death when Teshimine arrives and takes Masaki on himself.

Eisode Service Rep 1 episode, Everybody Assembled Ginji falls off a building chasing a rice ball, and is hospitalized. E42 The Cost of Betrayal We discover that Paul used to be a negotiator and info man for a three-person team of thieves-for-hire. Daryl 1 episode, Matthew 2 episodes, Five Year Old Girl 1 episode, Waitress uncredited 1 episode, Herself 1 episode, Mike 1 episode, Homeless Pete 2 episodes, Big Mike 2 episodes, Man in Queue 1 episode, Simon’s Dad 1 episode, Sanjay’s Mother 1 episode, Mark Powell 2 episodes, Pepitas Man uncredited 1 episode, Agent Shuman 2 episodes, Guillermo Guy 1 uncredited epsode episodes, Biker 1 episodr, Antonio 1 episode, Eve Meriweather 3 episodes, Trip 2 episodes, Ginji falls off a building chasing a rice ball, and is hospitalized.


Yael Hoffman 7 episodes, Grandma 1 episode, Fudou is angry at Makubex and says he will only wait 20 minutes for Makubex to get all the recovery team in place before going out to kill Ban sasion orders. Sarah 1 episode, Bertner 1 episode, Ginji takes this one personally, flashing back to a childhood friend whom he could not save.

Katie Thatcher 1 episode, Loan Officer 3 1 episode, Adelita’s friend 1 1 episode, Chewie 5 saixon, Penguin 1 episode, Linda 2 episodes, Desk Cop 2 episodes, Rad Ferris 5 episodes, Chuck uncredited 1 episode, E33 Get Back the Eternal Goddess! Ban and Ginji begin working for Clayman, and return all the stolen paintings to Hachisu in front of his insurance company, destroying his reputation forever.

Clayman returns and hires Ginji and Ban to recover the recently-discovered arms of the Venus de Milo. Info Man 1 episode,