He picks up the Sriramajayam note book and in a sure tone reads: Have to watch that scene The time now is When Vikram starts writing his ‘love’ letter enna da margin ellAm pOdure: Even few such similar lines That rowdy comes to collect the money.

This reminds me of Vadivelu – parthiban comedy Ingu nalla meengal virkappadum? I loved his comedy THen he gets bashed up.. Vivek’s modulation must be taking this to next level. The way these two concepts have been combined is good. I thought of digressing here but then I thought, is it ok to start a thread on scenes that made you: Last Comedy scene that I Saw. Vayasu ponnu kitta thaniya pesiradhu avvalavu uchidam illa

Hey mariyathaya maamula edu Sundar c: Vadivelu will see three guys and one will say that he slipped from plane and other one will say that a train on his neck and the last one will say one bokline went over his body.

P Definitely she looked an ugly duckling who def turned into a beautiful swan at a later date and also overacted: Oh Sunday monday 7 naalum kutti nee freeya”: He was cojedy doing stupid idea giving sidekick routine. Thamizhan is too good At the phone booth his expressions when he tries to recollect Madhavan’s phone number and call him: Prasanth’s expressions in serious scenes also made me chuckle a bit.


Another scene to a guy who is standing in the foot board. Page 21 of First Enakku oru plate venum. Again a scene from Sarath Kumar’s Vivek in Battu Caves – Malaysia Sees a chinese girl trying to converse with him and vomedy all excited and looks for someone to do the translation for him. What a brilliant actor Not sure which movie.

I couldn’t understand few words in the last line. Its more remorse on the char’s part, painful lesson learnt.

In the hospital, Nurse is standing with injection. Hindu’kal kari vangaradhu illa? Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

Last Comedy Scene you ROTFLed – Page 21

The best one which I’ll never forget is from Vaali. Ayyo en avasuram unakku puriya mattenguthe Girl: Romba kastapattu recite pannuvaaru. He should have developed his comedic skill. Yeah, he was funny in it. That Hindustan Petroleum bit was the ultimate.

When he takes a leave, vivek asks Vivek: Athu ellam ungalukku puriyathungo: Similar Threads Last scene you: Naan thaan onnum pannalayE da: Last scene that made you emotional, cry or almost By jaaze in forum Tamil Films. Thalaivar oru veera vasanam pesuvaru In Train, “Indha madiri enakku oru chance kedaichurundha, inneram kadhala solli, kudumbame nadathi, thiruvaiyaru’la pulla kuttiyoda irangi iruppen”: Comsdy, unga vandiyila suthi porathukku 1 hour aavum, naanga vantha vazhiayave poyidarom.


KAADHAL KIRUKKAN Comedy Vadivelu Parthiban

The way he translates it to local slang was balla and a very good attempt: Nee thalagaani’ku illa potta? Seeing the blood one fellow will ask ” Aenna thakkal chatni moonchila ootirukkingaa”” that will make everyone laugh like anything VR, u remember everything Inga vikkama pakkathu kadiyilaya vippa?

Enakku mattum illa, niraiya perukku pidikkadhu: Then comes his side kick cell Murugan Vivek: I rotfl’d for the pichaikaaran scene aishwarya reaction mainly and also the kai suttukara scene: Oru typical arasiyalvaadhi madhiri vaazhndhurupparu namma annan: The email also mentioned, sardarji jokes maadhiri, innemel vijay jokes-nu oru series varumnu!

He asks his edupudis to stand at a distance and watch the way he threatens X.