What did you say? Paolini says the answer is possible to find out by reading the books, but he hasn’t actually seen anyone fully get it yet. After the whole ordeal with the menoa tree, Eragon felt pain in his lower stomach. Plus on more than one ocassion the book was told in point of view of Saphira Or at least that’s what you tell yourself , Saphira stated as she felt obligated once again to take him away from his misery. Eragon inheritance cycle the inheritance cycle headcanon things i have written. He was not a child anymore.

She escaped in to the heart of Du Weldenvarden, where she used the ancient language to magically fuse her body and consciousness to the Menoa tree and has since become guardian of Du Weldenvarden. Would love to heat your thoughts about them when they were younger! An chill blew threw the grove again and Eragon turned his head toward the crowd as they began whispering to themselves. His Word of God answer is usually No Comment. I’ve never really thought about it but that’s kind of weird lol maybe CP will explain it better in the last book? I will , Eragon said without hesitation. Or at least when the weather is a bit warmer. He got to live that sort of life for a while at the end of Inheritance and he really liked it, he discovered new places and actually made friends for once.

I seriea the best answer is not that the tree took his ability to have children, but instead, some of Eragon’s sperm. His eyebrows rose as he laid eyes upon an old acquaintance.

Christopher Paolini (INHERITANCE CYCLE series) – Book 4: The Menoa tree Showing of 93

It signifies all that is good: Eragon was forced to beg forgiveness for her error. I always chose to assume it was his appendix, because appendixes are as useless as this plot point was. WebHead – Looks srries it wasn’t that.


Okay,I found proof that the Menoa tree didn’t take her eldunari!

menoa tree

How can I be so calm as I stand before the grave of my own flesh and blood. So even tre it makes sense, I don’t think that’s at all possible. The leaves rustled in the winter breeze as the mournful gatherers bowed their heads and paid their respects upon the white tomb. You should be proud of your idea; it’s one of the best I’ve heard so far.

“Big Twenty” – What Did the Menoa Tree Take From Eragon and How Will This Impact Book 4?

Some fans also choose to favor the idea that the Menoa tree has yet to take anything from Eragon other than his pledge. He never promised something to a tree. Eragon felt a twinge of discomfort in his gut, which resulted from his being connected to Saphira. Exactly what i was thinking!!! Roran was a simple manthought Eragon. Only discussing matters of the Order with her.

Overall, I was pleased with the book but there were things that I would like to have answered. See the recent edit to my answer. Distant memories of another realm began to form in his head And the tree’s consciousness withdrew from him and Saphira, receding deeper and deeper into itself until Eragon could barely sense its presence. Did they finally realize the leader of the Dragon Riders, Eragon Shadeslayer and Nenoa had arrived to pay his respects to his one and only cousin? How will it impact Eragon and Saphira in the future?


I explain so you understand how much this means to me Did she take something from Saphira instead? Enough little onesaid the voice inside his head again. Closing your heart to one does not mean you must close your heart to all.

It was Angela who answered his thoughts, “Well, well, well Guilt nawed at Eragon over those words. As in what he felt in his stomach was the weight of the pressure from his promise. The celebration, performed around the gigantic tree trunk, is done with respect so as not to offend the tree. A sudden change in the atmosphere around Eragon snapped him once again out of his reverie.

It would be a fundamentally parasitic entity to do such a thing to what was arguably the last female. But not with him Yep, 12 year old me is weird af.

She looked at him as if he was daft and mumbled, “Oh never mind What did the Menoa tree take? So he did the only thing he knew how, he distanced himself from her.

I like to think this is not a problem with Murtagh and they are very polyamorous. Have you not known her long enough to refer to her as friend?