Kalindi discovers Ankush’s truth. Renuka apologises to Siddharth. He apologizes to her holding her hands. Agnihotri family dines together. Shlok sprains his back. Shlok asks Abhay to leave. Niranjan in an asylum. Shlok to end relationship.

Sojal and Astha hug Anjali. Anjali lights diyas in the Agnihotri house. Shlok and Astha relocate. Astha asks Anjali to fight back. Shlok apologises to Anjali. Apsara reveals Astha’s secret.

Astha tries to impress Shlok. Poornima is falling for Shlok. Anjali asks what is he seeing.

He says lucky children get a mother like you. Niranjan visits the old age home. Mala ruins the property papers. Abhay Sees Jyoti and Siddharth.

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Shlok asked to cook. Indrajeet plans to kidnap Anjali. Shlok searches for Astha. Niranjan apologises via the media.

Kalindi offers to help. The Episode starts with Kalindi lost in thoughts. Shlok is upset with Anjali. Indrajeet spies on Shlok. Ankush is Kalindi’s son. He thinks how he decided to end his marriage with Astha in Ganpati Viasrjan. Shlok gets the job. Shantanu apologises to Balwankar. She says they did as you said, I wanted their love, you made mistake and were great Lord for them, and made them hate me.


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Astha plans to expose Niranjan. Shlok’s change of heart. Shlok gives a rose to Astha.

Shlok’s search for Swati. Niranjan plots against Astha. Shlok’s order to Astha. Astha makes a plan. Astha’s first day at work. He says I know Aai, you always longed for my love, you know I also longed epiosde your love, always. Anjali visits the Agnihotri house. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Shlok-Astha meet in a temple! Shlok and Astha’s anniversary.

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The police arrest Indrajeet. Siddharth confronts the Baba. Jyoti speaks to Anjali. Niranjan looks on shocked.

N square 17th Oct – 6: Astha refuses to stay with Shlok. Shlok asks Astha a favour. Shlok celebrates Astha’s birthday.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 30th May 2015 Full Episode

He throws the phone. Niranjan to teach Anjali a lesson.


Astha tells Shlok the truth. Shlok says I could not identify your love, I m sorry. Avdhoot asks Kalindi not to worry, Ankush does not know value of relations. Niranjan threatens Shlok to think his status when his name is separated from him.

He says stop doing this drama, you could have managed it, but you enjoy in making things wrong, and gets angry on her. Episodf says you are mistaken my son, this is done by Astha and Anjali.

Kalindi discovers Ankush’s truth. Shlok applies for US tie-up. Astha tells her family.