Later, Khushi deliberately disturbs him while he is on an important call and runs away. She writes Arnav a letter and bids farewell to her family. Later, on seeing Shyam, she warns him to stay away from her and her family. Arnav instructs her to look happy in front of his family. How will Khushi react? Payal is happy as she and Khushi can go back to Lucknow. She then tries to stop Lavanya from leaving the house. Later, Arnav notices Shyam buying red roses and confronts him.

Shyam bribes the priest before Anjali and her parents arrive. Nani declares that the winner will get a forty-year-old Natraj idol as the award. Arnav is enraged as he gets to know that Khushi spoke about his relationship with Lavanya to Nani and sends her to work at his guest house. Bubbly ruins Manorama’s surprise gift, to trap Payal. Later, Anjali calls Shyam and tells him that Khushi is waiting for him to tie the rakhi. Payal remembers of Mami’s words and so goes away from there. Is this another trick?

Nani finds Anjali’s necklace on Laxmi’s neck. Will Khushi and Arnav express their feelings to each other?

What Name Shall I Give This Love? season 1 episode 177

He panics on seeing her injured. Khushi assures Payal that Arnav will convince his parents. Anjali is happy to see Khushi take care of Arnav. Nani and Anjali are happy to see Arnav and Khushi having feelings for each other.


He sees Payal through the window of the kitchen. He faints by the time she starts cooking for him. The guests are bored and Khushi taunts Arnav about it. Arnav rushes to the guesthouse when he is told that Khushi has not reached home. Anjali enquires as what had happened. Will the confusion clear up?

On the way, he sees an accident and learns about a man and woman being injured. Manorama gets suspicious after finding Payal’s photos with Bubbly. Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon 3.

Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon episode 102 star player

Arnav and Khushi blame each other for the unplanned meeting. Khushi gets an SMS from Arnav. Will Anjali see the scorpion? Meanwhile, Arnav laughs when Khushi apologises to him for being rude.

Arnav asks her to keep quiet lest she wake up the entire family. Manorama is not happy that Naniji has ordered her to attend a function. Arnav accuses Khushi of deliberately disrupting the show. Khushi is curious to know how Arnav has her anklet.


What Name Shall I Give This Love? Season 1 Episode

Shyam tries to hide away from the Raizada family. Shyam is worried about the box. Meanwhile, Arnav is served boiled food on Khushi’s instructions.

Do not post links to copyrighted video content TV Episodes, Movies. Khushi is pushed on stage to perform without a partner. Will Anjali find out the truth?

Akash tells Anjali about his feelings for Payal. How do they deal with this situation? Shyam makes another attempt to kill Anjali.

Later, Khushi disrupts Arnav’s meeting to serve him lunch, but Arnav rejects the food and sends her home. Meanwhile, Lavanya fails to impress Nani again. She asks Shyam to help her get a job. To know starplayeg, check out the video.