Amma and Payal too is surprised. Buaji asks Garima where are you going? I cant live without you Bua takes one of the glass and gives another to Mami. He keeps the sweet box and bends to take the ribbon which was tied around it. Payal shyly smiles away.

NK tells she is there, when Arnav looks she again bends down and fails to find her again. Arnav comes saying – “She can do it but she will never. Khushi is ranking clothing and she is requested for assessment, Anjali is anxious but she advises Anjali not to worry. Door bell rings, everyone disperses. Payal asks what if they lose, Khushi thinks of the challenge with Arnav. Anjali opens it and sees an expensive gift. Sections of this page. Arnav steals a glance of Khushi who is standing alone.

All the contestants are called on stage one-by-one dritten finally Khushi is called on by just being mentioned as “Mrs Khushi” Arnav looks up from his phone but then looks away again.

Arnav then tells everyone how Khushi first fell and then refused to gave her introduction but instead chose to run away from the venue. Khushi warns him to stay away, but an angry Shyam grabs by her shoulder and tells he doesnt care if some one sees them like that!!!! Dadi says, no matter what, I will do what is right which is to bring Shyam back here. Seeing this Arnav angrily warns NK that. He wonders now how he will go inside. She excuses her friend and talks to Bua. ArHi dancing on ‘Teri Meri She startsannoying Manorma and suspects that she has done something.

The anchor tells her to walk in which she does only to fall flat on her face after taking a few steps.


NK asks Khushi what was wrong with Bua through actions, Khushi is left clueless about such a strange behaviour of Bua. Anjali opens it and sees an expensive gift. Khushi iswaiting on stage for her friend. A – Eppisode do remember these words. K – It contains some clothes and other accessories for the dance and NK says that he has to call someone and will be right back. On hearing nan Khushi gets up! Spoiler Pics – 20th August – Remarriage Pics. Arnav calls him and asks whthr there was any problem.


Bua who is drunk comes to Khushi who is angry n scolds Bua as she had forgotten the step.

At after dark Arnav is on the laptop and Khushi attempts to sneak out a fit, he calls her and looks into about taking his fit, he states that he recognises what she desires to perform jxn it, she clarifies that she desires to give it to the laundry and he responses that it writtdn a new fit so there is no need. She murmurs saying – “You donot know jiji, Laad Governor would surely punish if I lose it. A – I wont lose. Scene shifts, where aconcerning Arnav asks Khushi if she was fine and starts approaching twards her.

Khushi even imitates the way writyen Arnav walks, on seeing it the person standing next to Arnav says – Arrey, it looks just like. A – That can be understtood only after the dance performance Khushi Kumari Gupta. NK comes to her giving glass of juice to her.

Anjali episodf pleased to see Arnav laughing. She asks why was he so worried, before he gives his lame explanation, Anjali takes him away as Arnav had asked them to host the programme episore the Guptas were on the way.

NK is telling about an experience he had to Bua and Ammaji. Mami tries to open the box when Bua was away, but Bua fastly comes to the spot. Manorma getsnervous as Madumati says she writen that she has a hand in her defeat. Amma enquires about Khushi and tells Payal that Mamiji had performed well.


Anjali comes n calls him by patting his back. Anjali says that she is feeling dizzy hence she will go and rest. Payal asks what if they lose, Khushi thinks of the challenge with Arnav.

Arnav is like – what the? Its not the scaredness you see in my eyes but its the anxiety.

Suddenly a tired Khushi gets up and NK jah her n calls out Khushiji. Khushi walks forward a bit but jaj stops, takes her heels off and runs away with them. And you have no idea what would happen to you after this. Payal is sad, Akash comes to her and shows through Hand actions that she was looking beautiful. It smelled yucky and then she finds the sweet box. Anjali announces the score. Arnav is like – Oh okay! He takes out gloves and pieces of glasses. Khushi out of politeness asks her to take Khushi’s dress in exchange to which the contestant says that she would rather lose than wear that and lose.

Created by Aritten Shariq Baig. Anjali says she liked it alot.

desi tashan written updates: Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 12th January Written Episode

Khushi is surprised to see Bua acting weird! They hear Nani shouting at Mami and Khushi takes her hand fastly and moves to the hall.

Sister, your Jethji is crazy, what to do he doesnt know how to smile! Khushi is standing wondering what to do next, Arnav stands besides her saying.

Nani again asks Arnav to stop fighting.