Khushi submits her resignation to Arnav. Khushi thanks Arnav for dancing with her and gets flustered when he compliments her. Nand Kishore blames Arnav for getting caught. Meanwhile, Khushi consoles Anjali. Meanwhile, Payal calls up Arnav to enquire about Khushi. Will Anjali see the scorpion? Payal is happy as she and Khushi can go back to Lucknow.

Payal and Buaji are worried about Khushi’s failing business, but she asks them to have faith. Arnav’s family is surprised to see him calm. Anjali informs about the accident and requests not to tell Shyam, Akash and Gupta family. She obliges and also tells him about her engagement. Akash panics when Nandkishore talks about his life after marriage. Khushi wants to leave office early.

She dreams of taking revenge. Khushi decides to leave the Raizada house when Arnav refuses to answer her questions. Nani asks Lavanya to leave Arnav’s room. Payal informs Anjali about Shashi’s epidode. She then decides to look for Laxmi. Later, Khushi apologises to Arnav for her misbehaviour, but he shouts back.

Khushi feels completely out of pyaaar when she goes to meet Lavanya Kashyap at office. Madhumati tells Arnav about Khushi and Preethika’s close friendship. He then decides to profess his love to Khushi. Shyam finds out that Arnav and Khushi are not sleeping together when he goes to their room.

On reaching Delhi, Arnav gives Khushi some money and asks her to leave. Madhumati welcomes Arnav to her house. Later, Khushi irritates Arnav by using Nanda Kishore as her weapon. Arnav kisses Khushi and challenges her to kiss him back.


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Anjali plans a big Teej puja and Arnav supports this idea. Arnav watches in anger while Shyam gifts a flower bouquet to Khushi. Nani and Anjali also berate her for demeaning the sanctity of marriage. Later, to infuse some life into the party, Khushi and Nanda Kishore perform a dance for the guests on a desi song. Anjali tells Arnav that Lavanya has sent him a bouquet.

While Lavanya asks her to steal mud from Arnav’s plants for the diyas, Madhumati is angry on learning that Khushi has rejected Shyam’s proposal.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon – Episode (lastd Episoe) в

Manorama reports this suspicious behaviour to Anjali. Shyam requests Anjali to manage his daily expenses account. Khushi threatens to expose Shyam before Anjali.

Payar and NK give an intimidating performance. Arnav and Nani decide to keep their differences aside during Anjali and Shyam’s anniversary party. Arnav accepts her signed draft and lends her money.

Arnav feels bad as he knows he has hurt Khushi unknowingly. Khushi submits her resignation to Arnav.

iss pyaar ko kya naam doon

How will he react? His wife, Anjali, is waiting for him to turn up for the puja.

While Khushi tries to defend Lavanya, Manorama wants Akash to get engaged soon. She tries to get him to answer all her questions, but fails to do so. Shyam gives the papers to Khushi. Khushi is scared to enter Arnav’s house. Later, Arnav finds Nanda Kishore chatting with Khushi over the phone. Meanwhile, Khushi is overwhelmed with Arnav’s apology.


Shyam steals Anjali’s necklace in order to frame Khushi. Khushi is distressed when Manorama scores high points and puts the Raizada family in the lead. Unaware of the truth, Anjali introduces Shyam to Khushi. Meanwhile, Shyam purchases the duplicate key, but Akash’s father sees him doing so. Payal distributes puja prasadh to everyone except Khushi. Shyam dares Arnav to tell the truth to Anjali.

Later, Akash asks Payal to meet him for the last time. Odon yells at her for making noise. Later, Khushi is seen imitating Akash in the bathroom. She notices Anjali ordering Shyam to change his white shirt. Arnav and Khushi are lost in a moment of love. What will his answer be? Arnav asks her to leave before the next morning. Arnav is devastated to see Shyam profess his love to Khushi. Will she see Shyam?

Khushi feeds chat to Arnav and thinks he bought it for her, but he tells that it’s for everybody.