An angry Arnav follows her and breaks her mobile phone when she refuses to acknowledge his presence. Later, Nani introduces Shyam to Khushi’s family. Meanwhile, Khushi wishes Arnav luck and congratulates Payal and Lavanya. Manorama reports this suspicious behaviour to Anjali. He is displeased when Anjali plays the video of him drinking bhang and dancing with Khushi at the Holi party. Khushi is touched when Buaji gives her jalebis for the journey, but an idea strikes her and she convinces them about it.

Anjali plans a big Teej puja and Arnav supports this idea. Khushi receives the gold Nataraj idol for best performance. Meanwhile, Shyam purchases the duplicate key, but Akash’s father sees him doing so. Later at the party, Arnav insults the guests for gossiping about him and Khushi. Arnav asks Khushi to leave on seeing her in the kitchen. Payal’s efforts to impress her with her favourite dishes fail.

Later, Arnav yells at Khushi for being unsure about her decisions. Manorama insults the Gupta family. The Raizadas and the Guptas are stunned to see Arnav volunteering to dance with Khushi.


What is Khushi’s reaction to Arnav’s confession? Akash drops Khushi at home. Nanda Kishore plans to sneak out of the Raizada house to see Khushi at midnight. Arnav accepts her signed draft and lends her money. Will Arnav appreciate her gesture?


Arnav misbehaves with Anjali when he learns that she had asked Khushi to come. Arnav sees Khushi in the house and insults her for returning to the Raizada house. Anjali misses Arnav on her birthday.

Arnav taunts her when Akash states that he is the most important person his life. Akash, however, praises Madhumati for the same. While Arnav jya his behaviour towards Khushi, Shashi threatens to expose Shyam in front of his family.

Khushi leaves the puja to call him.

Arnav’s Bachelor’s Party

Anjali is upset with Shyam for being late for the pooja. Later, Akash asks Payal to meet him for the last time. Manorama warns her to be ready for a life of servitude to her after marriage. Khushi warns Shyam to stay away.

At the Raizada house, Arnav gets full support from Anjali for his decision to break up with Lavanya. Will he win the challenge? Later, Shyam tries to steal Doom locker key. Khushi submits her resignation to Arnav.

What has Anjali learnt about Shyam? He refuses to admit that he bought the pair.


What Name Shall I Give This Love? All Episodes –

However, Anjali’s decision to meet Khushi shocks Arnav and Shyam. Shyam shamelessly challenges him to do so. She says, absolutely not.

Arnav instructs her to look happy in front of his family. Meanwhile, Payal’s wedding is stopped. Arnavsays, I am not pyaaf about necklace. Will Khushi reveal the truth to everyone? Arnav is concerned about Khushi, but hides it from Lavanya. Khushi leaves the temple early. Madhumati welcomes Arnav to her house. Shyam tries to get close to Khushi while dropping her home but she gets out of his car in the middle of the road.

Khushi’s lipstick and scented handkerchief leaves Arnav furious. Arnav feels guilty seeing Khushi unconscious.