He may be too far gone. DMX’s son Xavier is a man of the new generation, and I am proud of Ilyana for showing that and putting it on a pedestal. But at this point he has to want to get help for his addictions. This should’ve never happened on TV. Lo Motown Tribute Fery. As I said, I really want him to win Iyanla didn’t prevent his son from hugging X.

Lots of dudes just like DMX, still on the corner though so none of you are sending all this prayer and concern their way, huh? The segment involving his son broke my heart because I see a young man who is smart, talented and caring but is in a lot of pain because of his father’s actions. Of course, none of these problems are surface issues, they all have deep rooted beginnings that must be dug up–especially from childhood–in order for a person to get “fixed. I strongly believe that she is a bit too much for the show. People should not give up on this man! Having been out of contact with one another for more than a year, the year-old aspiring musician cautiously approached his father. He may be too far gone.

Drew and he flipped out on that too. I feel like everyone she’s attempting to fix are grown and if they don’t have the common sense to change their watcn and make it better than that’s them. He says his life has not been fixed, but it’s now been made “worse. WTH, how about wanting a relationship with your kids or wanting to get clean. Nothing you can say can make a person change. Vanzant on the other hand sent nothing but positive energy in X’s direction, and started the Twitter hashtag SupportDMX.

Maybe THEN he can make decent music; that so-called ‘statement’ above shows what his priorities are Get every story in your inbox! However, he has to face his demons, the issues that drove him to addiction while treating the actual addiction. He didn’t stand up the first and second time he was asked for a hug.


It makes a lot of sense to me. There are many people who also had traumatic childhoods and setbacks, yet they CHOSE to do the hard work of getting themselves together.

His children need to move on with their lives without fretting over their father. It’s up to DMX to man up and see that his addictions are excuses and that they only way he can begin to have ANY positive relationship that lasts is if he confronts his addictions and accepts that they are the root of all his issues. I don’t think DMX is a bad person You look unprofessional and appear like a phony. Don’t have anymore regrets and things will slowly improve All you can do for people like that is pray for them.

Iyanla may be able to fix some people but if she looked at him and all she saw was a drug problem than she’s not the one to help him.

Until he started making it evident that he’s forever a child.

DMX Flips Out During Episode of Iyanla Fix My Life | DMX | Music | BET

That’s Unfortunate TV Fab. Pray that he will open his eyes and get the help he needs to get his life on track. If not, she’s all for show. He needs to hold a colosseum of seats!

Yes, he had an abusive and difficult childhood and has made some mistakes. His conscience and moral code did that. Iyanla didn’t prevent his son from hugging X. He is nothing more than a crack-addict sex-fiend who used to be a good rapper. Seems to want to go to the grave this way.

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A cancer is something that grows and grows until it untilmately kills. As for what he’s up to next, his team says: I do love some of her books though.


The last thing this fool needs to do is make music. Kelly dmz, Erykah BaduKendrick Lamar and many more. I strongly believe that she is a bit too much for the show.

This is mental illness and it popped up for DMX right when it does for most people, in the early 20’s. True powder head actions! Oh my woooooooooooord, this was crazy! DMX could have and still can be one of the greatest talents of our times.

DMX Flips Out During Episode of Iyanla Fix My Life

It’s hard to accept and love someone unconditionally when they are fueled by drugs. Maybe X isn’t feeling the saying “It has to get worse before it gets better. If she’s genuinely concerned about him I would think that she would reached out to help him outside of the show.

He had that junkie itch!

Check out how Iyana attempted to help out X in a controversial and extremely intense episode, and why X feels like Iyanla ruined his life even more instead Check out the full episode above and iyanl for yourselves if X was simply railed for entertainment value, or if this intense therapy was needed in order to get to a better place.

I dont remember if he quit the show, but I highly doubt that he made it to the end. I stuggle with whether or not I like her techniques I watched this last night and like everyone else said he clearly needs long term treatment. It is so sad.