Your name or email address: The neck is described by Jackson as a one-piece but it features a scarf joint. Same Series Dinky but limited series with deco painting “by hand” style flames on the body and head reverse. Having had some U. Today it is still one of the hottest selling import Jacksons. I think it will be pretty cheap to do. Big necks can be just as fast. The Ibanez has the best neck I have ever come across.

Overall they’re a fun guitar and very cool looking to boast. I love the way that guitar looks!!!! I haven’t got much experience with Jackson Ibanez guy , and I can’t try this guitar before buying it. However they’re going to be a little bit harder to find because they have been discontinued. As for the trem I’m a hardtail guy all the way. Jackson is starting to make other guitars with maple fretboards. I can’t imagine them going away any time soon, as they seem to be the most popular Jackson import.

Only see the price of the set EMG.

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Plus, it is pretty unique, if you ask me. Maybe I should just be happy with what I have. MaxOfMetalMay 21, It sounds cool for rhythm work too, as the pickups have a certain tightness that works reasonably well for rock or metal chord work.

The TB4 in the bridge is a total machine and rips for metal and heavy rk2m.

Is the Jackson DK2M Dinky Pro any good?

The alpine white finish gave a touch of class also. The binding is done nicely, and I didn’t notice any issues regarding that. Jackson necks have a very comfortable profile, also the Jackson trem it comes with is a very stable unit which I abused regularly and never had an issue.

That Jackson is sick. Well Dick, it’s got a good beat, and I could dance to it, so I give it a 10! However, the high gains are where this pickup really excels. The fretboard is unfinished maple with jumbo frets and Jacksons famous compound radius fretboard and Jacksons trademark sharkfin inlays. They all fucking slayed. The guitar features an Alder body with a rock maple bolt on neck. It’s definitely designed to sound best for brighter shred work, but when used for things like cleans or lower gain tones, it doesn’t sound too too bad.


The middle position does nothing more, its a fairly rich and full, a configuration that sends in all areas, but never as good as swries of only two microphones. Originally posted by brunog Finding the SG too muddy really kind of surprises me as well because I find SGs to be really hot sounding and through my rig a little bright compared to a LP.

Originally posted by LoboR1 Hey, I posted a question on the same guitar here I still really miss the neck pickup, but I can’t go on about that revview much as it was designed for those serie just want a bridge pickup.

Don VitoMay 22, Yes, my password is: I do, however, own this Jackson Dinky However, I feel that the hardware has never been top-notch i. Hey Everybody, I haven’t logged on for a while, but I have always thought jakson Harmony-Central is a fine place, and I have obtained a great deal of useful information from here, so I am back. If I were to keep it, I’d swap out the floyd with an original one, and everything should be pretty good after that.

The tones are quite good for lead work and can even sound good for rhythms as well. They have recessed the heel and the back of the guitar. The jumbo frets let you get a nice action and revieww compound radius fretboard means that you can comfortably play on both ends of the neck.


I think it must be the alder wood combination with the rock hard maple neck that just really excites a high gain amplifier. It’s a fun guitar and the neck is very comfortable to play as well.

Maybe its the amp I am using. As for the trem I’m a hardtail guy all the way. Having had some U. Very Large output level.

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I play through a Peavey Classic The color of it is pretty usual and standard with any type of hard rock or metal guitarist. I’m not totally crazy about the finish as I think the red and the maple fretboard clash a bit, but the guitar sounds solid. DionysianMay 21, You can really fall in love with the looks of it. Don’t know what’s so bad about the LFR?

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Les harmonics and guitar is no lack of bass so big sound. Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website. JP UniverseMay 22, The trem is way better on the ibanez than the Jackson. They had the great Jackson playability with a new Jackson look. The Jackson Dinky DK2M is a great mid level superstrat guitar that is designed to offer an exellent shred guitar with the signature Reviea playability at a price that won’t break the bank like some of jacksonn higher end models might.

Log in Become a member. The maple neck has a nice bright tone.