Mancini is such a boss. It’s the hotel that’s booked out, but the restaurant doesn’t open on Sunday nights, and gf’s birthday is on a sunday. Get with the program!!! After the issuance of that indictment and a related civil case brought by the United States government, Full Tilt Poker withdrew from the US market. Ask Lottie, he holidays here. This is my life philosophy, I hate everyone I think you’re alright.

Jokes on Liverpool so. Good post Rick, that is exactly my thoughts on Chelsea at the moment. Jersey Shore Outtake Situation Clip. Bad night of cards for me, hit the crossbar in two sats and seemed to get it in ahead and finish behind in all other sats I played: Great goal and all that Chelsea are making it: Are these the wolves who work in warehouses or what? As for a normal session, i’ll just go through stars schedule for about 90 minutes and reg for all the games i fancy.

Thgt this be good and watched it a comment on You tube says all you need to know You dont shill for them anymore Noel.

Every bit of the image they portray is designed to fuel the hype machine and nothing more. D I am intrigued as to what ‘starting with you’ would entail and the possible ramifications of such actions tbf.

Just have the evening off to play this so want it to run lol i meant is your sn PPP But Mata went to a club whose making History, not one whose watching tapes of history and yapping about it like it makes them something special today.



I think I’ll stiff him for the internet bill now on karmic principle. Going to pop in and get it tomorrow, but cheers! What would be a good book to read? Not a thing wrong with it, but we don’t want to go down the US route where everyone is treated like seasob gibbering lksjl and needs to things explained to them accordingly. Here be the plan: Exquisite pass and Cardozo with a sublime chest down, turn and finish. Chelsea have as much hope of winning anything this year as Liverpool.

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Preferably something from the last 12 months, don’t mind what genre. Excellent phone except that battery life is lolbad.

The 2 above http: Hey son, I’d say you have the shingles the way your standing, am I right? I’d be more impressed if it showed; the split of banking bailouts vs general debt which might surprise some people – most of the Sjore is actually funding current deficits the trajectory of debt increase since the projected peak of the N.

Aren’t we well ahead of the curve on this part: I have a feeling this is what shopped me, as I wasn’t ignorant enough to leave toast crumbs in it.

TV Premiere Dates

I’m not mad about mixing Irish Eyes when playing too many tables because i still can’t get HEM to work with that so i miss far too much info if i’m not giving it a decent bit of attention. However, will the teens of today be doing it?


Stuff like this is why I hate everyone until they prove me wrong. I’ve no idea if this applies in Ireland.

New Jersey’s most recognizable housemates are reunited and returning to Seaside, NJ — where all the fist-pumping magic began and a pop culture phenomenon was born. Anyway, i think that’s the info you were looking for but it’s hardly lksio and probably not optimal!

Congrats on the second offer as well Emmet obv! Something like the last can of coke and no mentioning it. I think I’m going to Stoke Won’t be the last time Dublin ends up disappointed this week.

I will buy you pints and we will talk of many things. I modified that to Hell is other peoples children. Part of the five-year plan! Katy Perry, Lady Gaga.

Now, England or Dublin? Canada obviously unfairly priced after their victory this morning.

Jersey Shore Season 3

Super goal from Benfica Exquisite pass and Cardozo with a sublime chest down, turn and finish. You are the wolfpack, proceed. Luiz, Mata and Sturridge are your shining lights.