However the husband, knowing Yamawaro is not human, used him for his experiments to achieve eternal life. You forgot that Ai did stop sending that innocent boy to Hell at the end of last season. Trailer had some CGI and Thorkell’s design feels a bit different but aside from that it was good. Hell boy would really be able to add something worthwhile, in my opinion. When Mako destroys Sachi Sanada’s bedroom, accuses her crush, Minegi, of rape and almost kills him by pushing him down a long flight of steps, Sachi Sanada pulls the string on the straw doll. Shibata Tsugumi has a vision of Nakashima Kenta accepting a straw doll from Enma Ai and describes the doll.

Soon after, the site was adapted into a mobile version that could be accessed from cell phones. He has sent his fellow worker, Nakajima, to hell because of Nakajima’s disturbing behavior and inappropriate interest toward Kaya. When Ai is discovered by the villagers, they bury her and her parents alive as punishment, and force Sentaro to help; Ai’s grudge is born of this betrayal. Shouko Baba is a teacher everyone dislikes because she frequently scolds students. Rina comes home one day to find that her mother, who had left the family when Rina was a little girl, has returned an invalid, and her father wants her to take care of her from now on, upsetting Rina, as her mother treats her harshly. Afterward, he becomes insane. If they make a fourth season, they better get their shit together. Yuuta Kasuya as Boy ep

WHAT the hell is she? Ocarina had better dungeons, but Majora had more involved and menaningful sidequest. Realizing that their fates are linked to Hell Girl, the Shibatas follow Tsugumi’s latest vision to the mountains.

But instead, Enma just made it so Ai will just do her job forever. Mako is a girl who lives at an abandoned warehouse, who saved Sachi Sanada as a young child by killing her tutor who was sexually abusing her by pushing him down a flight of stairs. Yoshizaki, the woman who sent her lover, Kakinuma, to Hell in Episode 14, which resulted in Takuma becoming accused.


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When Mako destroys Sachi Sanada’s bedroom, accuses her crush, Minegi, of rape and almost kills him by pushing him down a long flight of steps, Sachi Sanada pulls the string on the straw doll. I’m sorry if you didn’t get your cliched “happily ever after” ending with grown-up Tsugumi saving the mirsuganae. Takuma Terashima as Ryu ep Tetsuya proposes to Yui, but she isn’t completely happy, as seen by the fact that her father is in the hospital after being attacked by some drunk men when he was working delivering food.

The inspector then tells him that Shibata Tsugumi might have been kidnapped because of an article concerning Sawazaki someone wrote using Shibata Hajime’s name 6 years ago.

Imagine if it like got cut and amputated off or something like that scene in gone with the wind! The first season already featured great music, but the second season riscussion another step further, and delivers a truly memorable soundtrack, with some amazingly catchy tunes.

I found Mitsuganae’s ending the most mysterious, but fails in everything else compared to the other two endings. This is definitely a good series to watch. A rift grows between Hajime and Tsugumi because of their differing views: Welcome to another week of Paranoia Agent!

A young woman is trying to get back together with her ex-boyfriend for the sake of the child she’s carrying. Undying Love Hiiro no Kakera: Yuzuki realizes that suddenly, nobody in her school or town knows who she is. Who the hell is she?

He finds under the phone a photo of one of the couple’s happy memories jitsuganae. Maho discovers that Mikio has been dressing up as a woman and seducing and stealing her boyfriends from her. During the credits, Azusa stabs Tsujinobashi’s son at the airport before suddenly disappearing. Izumi Kitta as Nozomi Bitou.

Beijing Golden Pinasters Animation Company. Animax also later translated and dubbed the first season of the series into English for broadcast across its English language networks in Southeast Asia and South Asia, and also aired the series across its other networks worldwide in various other languages, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Europe and other regions.


Serizawa is infatuated with Hone Onna and sees Ren as a rival. Hopeing For A Season 4. This episode reveals that after being buried alive, Enma Ai had risen and destroyed her entire village in hatred, killing the villagers. Enraged, Moroboshi sends Serizawa to Hell. Aya Hisakawa as Mitsuko Yamaoka ep 2. Retrieved December 18, Amidst this, Ai sees a mysterious young girlwho says that what Ai does is wrong.

She wants to send him to Hell but is convinced otherwise by Hajime, and for the first time in the series, the intended target is not sent to Hell, much to the annoyance of Ai’s companions, who are irritated that Hajime keeps interfering with their job.

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Ito doesn’t believe it and goes to ram his truck into the man’s house, and nearly gets into the same accident as his brother. Sumire was kidnapped, raped and killed, the body stuffed into a suitcase and dumped in a lake. Production wise, it was incredibly expressive this week.

Lists of anime episodes. Yuko Sanpei as Ichimura Kazuya ep However, Akira cannot go through with Ai’s contract, afraid to go to Hell.

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Daichi Nizushima is a young boy who has locked himself in his bedroom. His request is annulled when the old man already dies. Ai, usually placid, becomes overcome with anger upon realizing that Sentaro’s bloodline is still alive; it is revealed that Ai was buried alive when she was a child by none other than Sentaro.


Shinohara Usagi is a schoolgirl who is always being helped because she is too slow at everything. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Megumi Abe Art Supervision: