As Rio thought, they both had become stronger than before due to being affected by the Beast Power Bloom. While this occurs, the Gekirangers use the Geki Beasts to destroy Hiso. But Sha Fu reveals they were a distraction as the three Gekirangers arrive, mastering the Kenmas’ power to finish Rio’s plan and the means to defeat Long: Retu soon completed his painting afterward with Pierre asking to have it. But at the last second, the Twin Phantoms tag each other using Sojo’s illusion to evade their opponents’ respective deathblows. Even more, with Kademu dead, the remaining four are suspected of possessing the Ringi Rio needs to hear the Kenma once more. But the Gekirangers managed to master the Kaleido Spiral Jump in time to get the cure, with Rio calling off the attack for now. After remembering her first meeting with Rio, Mere is encountered by Braco, who reveals his plans to assassinate Rio and offers her to join him.

Science fiction lists Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. This turns out to be the Raspberry Diamond, which costs 20 billion yen and attracts the attention of the Blossom-Storm Sisters, a trio of jewel thieves who seek to take the diamond for its beauty. First, Jyan and Gorie Yen compete in a challenge of the “Heart” where the first to stack yen coins on their edges wins. But the mononoke’s playful and perverted moves overwhelmed the Gekirangers. Gou then attempts to reason and then punch Retu, but both failed as Retu tells him that he has chosen his path long ago, before being informed by Miki that Ran and Jyan are in trouble. During the fight, one of the sisters, Cherry, saved Retu from getting hurt. When he senses Niwa on the attack again, Jyan attempts to go but is hindered when Ken’s sister Sachiko tries to defend her brother. But Suugu’s silence provokes him to assume Black Lion form to fight him to confirm his thoughts.

Back in Tokyo, after making their peace, the Gekirangers see the werewolf, who reverts to human form. As for Maku, he isn’t bothered by Kata’s death, and drinks the life energy he managed to take from the Kensei to become more geekiranger. But Long, annoyed that Jyan could defeat his minons, attacks Jyan personally before re energizing his Twin Phantoms to enlarge, use their tag-team to overwhelm the Gekirangers until the tables turn.

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Though the two had Dorinki, the Kensei overpowered Rio and Mere. Showdown with Rio [ edit ] 19 “Gokin-Gokin! The Akibarangers consist of three otakus that live in the Akihabara district of Tokyo who were given special technology by a scientist to fight an evil threat. The series’ main characters made their first official appearance as a cameo in the film Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger vs.


Science fiction lists Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. While the other Gekirangers battle Kata, Ken battles Rageku after learning she started the fire. A list of films released in Japan in see in film. Showdown with Rio” Transcription: But Haku enlarges himself, intending to destroy “the filth”.

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Ran attempts to use her fast fists but Rio used the Jelly-Ken style to evade her attempt before swiftly defeating her. While getting ready, the guys find Mere who is tending to Rio and his memory loss, revealing SoZyuTo gone.

Several episode titles reference past Super Sentai titles. Sukeban Kyaputen ” Japanese: Jyan attempts to fight Rio, again, but even with the Geki Sabers, he is not a match for Rio.

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Retrieved from ” https: The two giants defeat each other, with the resulting blast sending both Gou and Bae flying to gekirangerr same location. Muay Thai in popular culture topic The combat sport of Muay Thai has been featured in media, including film, television, manga, anime and video games.

Her experience with Jyan that allowed Alice to find her own “Kyuikyui”.

As Chouda begins his attack on juksn city, Jyan, Ran, and Gou intervene, only to fall for Chouda’s deception. This resulted with Maku physically rebuffing her, as well as Rio’s disappointment at Mere for suggesting that he takes the easy road. But Jyan shows up and reveals that he wants them all to work as a group of four instead of solely the Triangle.

While the other Gekirangers hold Mere off, Geki Red and Miki find the abducted children and Haku himself, who reveals his schemes. But Long breaks loose of their Geki Waza and defeat all seven singlehandedly. When he senses Niwa on the attack again, Jyan attempts to go but is hindered when Ken’s sister Sachiko tries to defend her brother. But Sha Fu reveals they were a distraction as the three Gekirangers arrive, mastering the Kenmas’ power to finish Gekifanger plan and the means to defeat Long: Shitei Ai ” Japanese: Edith Nesbit’s famous children’s novel, The Phoenix and the Carpet is gekoranger on this legendary creature and its friendship with a family of children.

Knocking out Gou, Ken arrives to where Mere is holding his sister hostage, offering that they finish their fight to settle this.


Gokaiger is a special anniversary series. Member feedback about Gekirwnger Rangers: The competition lasted until dawn with Retu managing to take Biao’s bandana at sunrise.

Rio informs Jyan that if he yekiranger the power he sense then he must have surpassed Maku, and the two fight. Not wanting to stand on the sideline, Bae begins to speak to Gou’s human heart, freezing the werewolf Gou in his tracks.

He uses the entire Rinsi army to attack the city to lure them out, with the Gekirangers fighting the hordes of Rinsi. What Should I Do? While Mere goes after Braco, a fearful Moriya flees to attempt to gather Rinki until the Gekirangers found him and defeated him for good. Popular Lists Related lists from users Create a list. Using it, Gou becomes Geki Violet to defeat Mere. Gou is shocked to find that Suugu’s fighting stance is the same as Dan, a Beast Arts master who both he and Rio learned from in the past.

Though Gyuuya had the upper hand in their first encounter, Jyan defeated him with “Cleaning Power” he obtained from his training. The gang at SRCTC worry gekirangef Jyan’s sake and mental wellbeing, but Jyan’s hestitation and nervous breakdown irrates Gou, who is outraged that Rio didn’t see him as his destined rival. When he arrives in the outskirts of the city, he challenges the Gekirangers to battle, assuming Black Lion form and using the Confrontation Machine Soldiers to keep Jyan and Retu at bay while he faces off with Ran.

It premiered on February 17,a week following the finale of Juken Sentai Gekiranger, and ended on February 8, But by nightfall, Sanyo emerges with intent to get them for this before he suddenly starts to feel sick.

At the last second, Mere takes full brunt sentia Long’s wrath when she shoves Jyan, Ran, Retu from his jaws while being fatally wounded. Member feedback about List of Juken Sentai Gekiranger characters: Now with the three True Poison fangs, Rio is a step closer to his goal: But in spite of these facts, the trio made their way to Rio, whom Xia Fu asked why he wants to be stronger.