It included 30 ships including the fleet’s flagship Pyotr Velikiy “Peter the Great” , four attack submarines, [1] and a flotilla of smaller ships. Crown Publishers, Random House. The senior officers had individual staterooms and the entire crew had access to a gymnasium. The Day That Never Comes From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The British torpedo expert believes a nearly identical scenario took place on the Kursk, except this time the consequences were even more devastating.

Far from being a new super-torpedo, the weapon cleared for use by the Russian navy in was old-fashioned, cheap and potentially unstable. Bruce Hamill Eva van der Gucht The film follows the K Kursk submarine disaster and the governmental negligence that followed. Retrieved October 14, The blast – the equivalent of an earthquake measuring 4. It included 30 ships including the fleet’s flagship Pyotr Velikiy “Peter the Great” , four attack submarines, [1] and a flotilla of smaller ships.

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Then, Maurice Stradling, a torpedo designer and former lecturer at the Royal Naval Engineering College in Plymouth, began to examine the similarities between the Kursk disaster and the unsolved mystery of an explosion on board a British submarine in June at Portland.

Some torpedo and torpedo tube fragments from the tragediq were recovered and the rest was destroyed by explosives in Search for ” Kursk ” on Amazon.

All crewmen lost their lives in the disaster: One ls noted by The Hollywood Reporter is that nobody at EuropaCorp wanted k-411 be hacked, like happened to the film The Interviewthat angered Kim Jong-un and is believed to have sparked the Sony hack in It was this fire that set off the other torpedos and warheads, and even the Kursk could not withstand such a massive explosion.


The true story of the Kursk tragedy is vividly brought to the screen by Luc Besson. Official Facebook Hong Kong.

Yes No Report this. When a massive explosion ripped open the steel nose of the Kursk during exercises in the Barents Sea a year ago this month, no one in Russia could quite believe it. K was inherited by Russia and launched inbefore being commissioned by the Russian Navy on December 30, as part of the Russian Northern Fleet.

Retrieved 16 January I couldn’t believe anyone had survived that.

Retrieved 12 February The film was scheduled tragedis start shooting in Septemberbut it had to be postponed due to Russia’s defense ministry not issuing a permit for the shoot in the o-141, which would run for about a month. As submarines of this kind are virtually self-sufficient and usually spend months at a time without coming to shore, the Russians said this was proof that the submarine had surfaced for repairs.

Guideline for the Application of Pathology to Crime Investigations 4th ed. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

What really happened to Russia’s ‘unsinkable’ sub

In recent months Russian opinion has begun to swing towards the conclusion that some sort of torpedo malfunction may have caused the Kursk disaster. Retrieved 31 January Archived from the original PDF on 6 February Shipwrecks and maritime incidents in Retrieved 29 September Based on the K Kursk submarine disasterin which Russian sailors died. Retrieved 18 May He waited five days before he ended his holiday at a presidential resort in Sochi on the Black Sea.

As the sailors fight for survival, their families desperately battle political obstacles and impossible odds to save them. Archived from the original on 20 February The use of HTP in torpedos depends on the reaction it has when it comes into contact with certain metals.


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Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers. Tournage d’un film sur le naufrage du Koursk”. I had the same level of communication both in Sochi and in Moscow, but from a PR point of view I could have demonstrated tragedis special eagerness to return. Retrieved 5 September Anton Markov Steven Waddington The theory is not entirely without foundation.

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In October of last year, determined to prove the collision theory, the Russian navy produced video footage taken by divers, which appeared to show evidence from the wreck of a scraping collision with another underwater craft. Crown Publishers, Random House.

For this reason the chemical reaction can only be allowed to begin when the engine is fully operational and filmm the firing process.

Subject matter experts such as journalist Robert Moore, author of the novel upon pa the film is based, along with David RussellCommodore, British Royal Navy who tried to save the men from Kurskand submarine expert Ramsey Martin acted as advisors for the film. Retrieved 20 December Het Nieuwsblad in Dutch. Retrieved 3 February As a result, many of her crew had spent little time at sea and were inexperienced.


Lea Seydoux even looks fat for the role of pregnant wife.