I will be back later after I rematch the show to comment more. With Ki Won no longer looking inside, Joo-suk reveals himself. I find him to be a cute villain hahahahaha I love that he’s not dumb, The actor is creating a new kind of cute villain. Queen In Hyun’s Man Final. Im waiting how the story would turn out so the wavering faith among the protagonist characters changes into the unbreakable bond which will be an EPIC! Out of all the members, Hyun-jung seemed the most legit at the moment. This episode delivered nicely on that front.

I like that this king deeply cares about the people around him. Twitter Updates RT dmtroll: Otherwise, they will be considered traitors just like Choi Young. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Ki Chul finds Eun-soo wandering and searching around in the woods and suspiciously asks what she is looking for. He tries to walk toward his father but he falls into the water. The soldiers declare them traitors and the assassins begin to attack.

Tinkiebell September 3, at Gongmin wants to know if No-gook invited him to this meal because she was worried about Young. Young fights back tears and assures him of course. The whole drama could be about him and his loyalty struggles, inferiority complex, and rise to greatness, and I would still tune in because goddamn if that isn’t one of the better written and acted portions of the drama.


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It’s kadora,a a loop that just makes the storyline longer, the only progress in the episode is the love story, which is good, but suicidal-ish for Choi Young-centric that I’m starting to find him way too emo.

Ki Chul tells Eum-ja that Choong-jung drank the poison that was meant for Young.

I am so happy for you: Well, in my opinion only. Young grabs it, but rather than shaking, he holds on and turns around, pulling her along as he heads back the way they came. Arg, it was amazing! The original looks mighty epic. Joo-suk tells him that Young was on the run with Eun-soo and Choong-jung.

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She is worried about altering history, especially now that she knows she has saved Choi Young’s guture assassin-a heavy burden to carry for sure.

Hyun-jung looks at them with annoyance, but Baek-hyun-out of spite-begins to stuff his mouth with the fruit Hyun-jung brought. ES asks KC for the diary — give it to me and I will find out about it for you. Frantically, Young yells at Eun-soo to do something. The woman wonders if Young is looking for a wife. And I love Young. Young suspiciously touches his hair and out falls the flower.

Can anyone explain why it is so significant that they put on Goryeo robes, and why tht would. He wants her to show him, since she said that Yuan was going to fall, what country comes next and how big it will be.


That is also the disconnect I’m feeling. I was like this all the way through the preview O. I LOVE that the writer does that. It’s a total mismatch between content and delivery.

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I loved him so much i watched it twice! Pul-ip gets a call.

Thanks for your comments. King says to Young: I agree with you about Lee Min Ho has to slow down and stop this kind of abuse from some people around him.

And hence the cute mini-skit the kids act out in their minds. The air was shimmering. Jo Il-shin is rubbing it in with Gongmin. Oh the Epicness it could have been.

And that is a good thing, because it should help with his future projects, I hope. Joo-suk thinks that Young is still inside the city since he has other people with him. Push and pull only works when it’s not overdone.