Episode 0 TV Movie His character is so mysterious! A group where all J-drama lovers can gather and talk about various J-dramas. Audible Download Audio Books. I feel that J-dramas is more tailored to what I like. So that you still can remember what happened hence able to understand the SP better. Plot and Plot Development:

Add the first question. Yeah I would love to hear what people those who have watched this drama think about Enomoto’s character! Also, the Arashi theme song for this drama, Face Down, is their best one since Truth. I was expecting an equally good performance out of her in Kagi no Kakatta Heya , but she was rather undazzling in this role. Download the app, and get updates from unicornslollipops. Well, there was one. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Sato Koichi , who played a lawyer famous for business lawsuits until it changed to solving locked room cases , Serizawa Gou, was hilarious.

Enomoto San do you have a girlfriend? Menu Skip to content Home About the Author. I mean “Hero” took 14 years while “Galileo” took about 6 years!

Japanese Drama Review: Kagi no Kakatta Heya

Since this drama was based off of books about solving locked room murders, each episode had a different murder and a different conclusion. Enomoto is the star of this show of course! You are commenting using your WordPress. Or at least within the same week!

Audible Download Audio Books. Thank goodness for Game of Thrones! There was a father in one of the episodes I believe episode five who said and felt some things about his children that is fairly realistic to what some parents may feel if they have one child who creates problems for the whole family. I doubt they even understand what’s going on but they just listen.


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Day Sunday, 24 Jul 0 0. If anyone actually reads this Fujioka Kouta, a year-old man is suddenly diagnosed with a type of blood cancer called malignant lymphoma.

The scene when he was presenting to the culprit his findings, he said this. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Until episodes nine and ten, which could really be treated like one, long episode, each episode began and ended the same way.

Japanese Drama Review: Kagi no Kakatta Heya | The OOC Channel

Galileo TV Series Enomoto would be in the locked room explaining the case, while Serizawa and Aoto would stand behind him. Start With a Classic Cult. This drama focuses mainly on locked rooms.

Got Ni and movie in between lah Kagi no kakatta heya — 7. So far from the reviews I read online about this drama, it is mainly about people being frustrated about that last scene see above which left everyone hanging A character like this has many ways it can be played.


This site uses cookies. His acting here was splendid. And it was also pretty interesting seeing how Enomoto solved seemingly unsolvable cases.


Okay end of my very random ramblings! Haha round up all the J-drama lovers on Dayre please! So, the plot and the plot development were quite simple, and they followed a simple pattern, so they should both get perfect scores, right?

Learn more More Like This. And if there were a second season, I would totally watch it!

Arguably, this was the easiest and the most difficult way to act out the character. I prefer those-proper conclusions, 1 episode 1 case kind of style. While given 3 months to live, he makes a resolve to accept his fate and face death properly.

Well, I gave the storyline an 8 simply because it took until about the third or fourth episode for me to actually be interested in what was kajatta on and not watching the drama just to watch it. She used the same cheesy and exaggerated facial expressions over and over again, and her character Aoto Junko was not very interesting.

Which is why I made it a point to thank them now and then for simply listening