Kramrisch is to be applauded for recognizing the interest of this entire subject. Simple statistics of the number of pictures do not make this point, for pages are missing in some cases almost the whole second half of the last two works. Two monkeys in Figure are identified by labels as minor followers of Sugriva. Cantos 18 and In any case, they are not clearly in any sequence, serving to lead from the tight order of the central circle to the final battles at top and bottom. Kartikeya is also nominated for the throne of the King of Devas but Shiva asks Indra to continue as the king. On the front wall L in Figure , local tradition identifies one scene of figures beside a hut as the visit to Bharadvaja’s hermitage, which occurs soon after the exile in book 2 of the epic.

The Victoria and Albert Museum records that this set of cards was donated in by Rev. In Figures 54 , 68 December , and 86 the extra sets radiate from the main arms, whereas in Figures 58 and 65 January and 74 they are attached to the torso. Patnaik, Kumbhara Chaka , Shiva is lost in his meditation hence Parvati does not disturb him with this decision. But it falls into the Ocean of milk. Whaling, Rise of the Religious Significance of Rama , , and chaps.

She is drawn towards Shiva against the will of her father. My description here is in the past tense because the procedures today are rarely followed exactly as I describe them. Iconography and Ambiguity,” deals with ambiguity largely in terms of multiple interpretations by the audience.


Two of these works are erotic texts, and in the remainder many erotic scenes appear, perhaps as the forte of this artist or group of artists. Ramanavami is the ninth clay of the bright half of the lunar month of Chaitra.

Welch, India62; S. Das, Puri Paintingsplate Dimock, “A Theology of the Repulsive,” The churning reveals many precious treasures, such as the Goddess of Wealth herself Lakshmi, who becomes the consort of Vishnu, the divine nymphs, many celestial animals etc.

Lord Vishnu grooms Mahadev

In this case, “dream” must be equated with vision, not with illusion, however. Pani, Illustrated Palmleaf Manuscripts of Orissa Lutgendorf, The Life of a Text Sahu, Ramayana in Ordisi Pata Paintingfigure 3.

He is chased by the demons and gods until Vishnu cunningly cons the demons and distributes the nectar among the gods. Nonetheless this work includes invaluable references to “apocryphal” vernacular variants in eastern India. Kunst und Kulturfigure Bhatt, 2, Appendix 1, For Indian images it is more difficult than for texts with commentaries to fix the response of the “actual” audience.

Those carvings were preserved by a descendant of chitrakaraswho said they were made by his ancestors about years ago.

Hara Hara Mahadeva Episode (4th sep ) – CineVedika

In the New Delhi copy of Michha Patajoshi this portion of folios is missing; Satrughna’s Baripada manuscript seems to lack this scene, but its jumbled condition makes it difficult to be certain. Infuriated by his apparent impertinence they battle him, but are roundly defeated. Devanandan, The Concept of Maya ; R.

The scenes are not always the same. Mohanty, Patachitras of Orissaplate Bollingen Foundation,deal with the psychology of representation with a sophisticated awareness of the complexity of the constructed systems of illusionism and ways in which the beholder resolves ambiguities.


The term kathana”telling,” also exists see the subsequent discussion of katha”tale,” in the text but is less commonly used to name an abstract process.

Hara Hara Mahadeva Episode 859 (4th sep 2015)

Handiqui, Pravarasena’s Setubandha; R. Here the seduction and the boat journey are described at length. The repertoire here has been shaped by cosmopolitan royal dancers and patrons, influenced by Uday Shankar and Javanese troupes that visited Calcutta.

The patrons were kaillasanathan Khandayats, but there was no royal family. Thirteen folios preserved, original pagination which was not the end of the textdemonstrating that the earlier books were also included; Parvati is raised in the hermitage of the Shaivite sage Dadhichi, who instructs her.

Donaldson suggests that repeated scenes of a monkey conversing with a human in front of a small building with a flag Hindu Temple Art of Orissa3: Both the New York Public Library and the Utkal University copies included six pictures, and missing folios may account for more in each case.

All the crows are blinded, but Sita persuades Rama to restore their sight on the condition that they remain squint-eyed K. The grief-striken Shiva produces an aaveshavatar an incarnation of a fierce 11, who slays Daksha.