Retrieved June 26, As the winner, Nanami received “Souta Escort Free Pass”, which makes her able to get anything in the festival for free as long as she is accompanied by Souta. He discovers the girl is Megumu, but uses Mimori as a decoy, and learns of her back story. Retrieved April 3, Kore de Buji Taiikusai mo Owaru zo ” Japanese: Daga, Ima wa Mada Ienai. Just before they kiss, the front doors open and everyone else tumbles out.

She also says that he was in an accident before he enrolled at a school, so she merged his conscious with many virtual worlds. Retrieved July 28, Akane assures him that’s not true, and eventually professes her love for him before she goes to fight. Transfer student Souta Hatate meets classmate Nanami Knight Bladefield , who confronts him about his habit of looking at the tops of people’s heads and how he saved some people from a trailer collision. The girls fight the Angelus Gemini, while Souta wonders why they came, feeling he has nothing to give them in return. But their happiness was not for long, that Nanami and Hakua’s father are said to be deceased recently.

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Souta tried checking the door to the underground passage, but are unable to find the door. August 2, [24]. When they enter the class however, there’s a huge announcement written on the blackboard that says that Christmas will be cancelled.

Don’t scare me like that. But their happiness was not for long, that Nanami and Hakua’s father are said to be deceased recently. After a crisis situation that involves the tide, he invites her sb be his little sister. Hakua transferred to Hatagaya Academy. Souta and Nanami learnt that Sericchan managed to become an idol because Souta saved her, by saying she has a “Success Flag”, though flaag doesn’t know the identity of that person, and she named him as “Purple Flagman”.

Have I ever broken a promise to you before? Mei brought him to Premium Ambriel, where he meet Miyukinow Miyuki Hatate, who replaces Souta’s role as the protagonist.

After Mei tries to break it, Sakura wipes Mei of the knowledge of the flags. Flga the bittersweet end of the fairy tale, Nanami alongside the Quest Dorm members aim for the happy ending, and went to the underground passage to open the gate to reach and help Souta. englush

It is also revealed that Mimori and Tsumugi are also becoming members of Quest Dorm, and, by Kurumiko’s persuasion, Mei took the same action to live in Quest Dorm. Souta realized his destiny that awaits him at the end of the path.


This causes her to break down, until Nanami drags Souta oraretada of the room, after which she calms down and develops feelings for Souta. It is revealed that he once knew Akane, Kikuno, Megumi, Rin and Nanami at one point in the real world, but due to an accident, Souta chose to have a little girl, known as Laplace’s Demon take their death flags and have them formed on him so they would survive.

She criticized the overuse of pastel coloring, the female characters having either generic designs or annoying personality traits and felt the ending was rushed. Retrieved November 29, Souta talked with Mei about his abilities. Everybody then draws straws to see who is the “King”. Souta is given a vision about Quest Dorm, where there exist an underground passage below the dormitory. Souta is tricked into recommending all the Quest Episoed members besides him, Kurumiko, who is not learning at Hatagaya and Tsumugi, who is too old a total of 9 people, to enter the Miss Hatagaya Academy Beauty Contest.

The series shows Souta and the girls as characters in a fantasy role-playing game world. Nanami, knowing the Quest Dorm members are at Akane’s house, are frustrated because she wasn’t invited as well.

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In order to bring Kurumiko back to Hatagaya Academy, Souta asked for Mimori’s help, which in return he needs to go on a date with her. Ruri is delivered to the Quest Dorm. Kurumiko’s parent is revealed to be the victims of Premium Ambriel. The girls fight the Angelus Gemini, while Souta wonders kanojjo they came, feeling he has nothing to give them in return. Before she leaves, she states that the time he spent in the virtual world was but a flash in reality, hence nobody else shares his memories of it, including Nanami who dived into the virtual world to save him.

April 2, [12] [13].

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Souta scrambles to save Akane when she shows a death flag. Hatagaya Academy organizes the School Festival. Souta meets effeminate boy Megumuwho along with Akane, Okiku, and Nanami, move in to keep the dorm open.


Souta then wakes up in the real world, where Number 0 speaks to him about the state of things and the truth about Sakura and Laplace’s Demon.

Despite the “hate guy” flag she possess, Rin once had a male friend named “Souda”, oanojo she still exchange mails. No mention is made if they all have the same parents. They have the Quest Dorm renovated, thanks to student council president Mimori Seiteikouji ‘s volunteers. Retrieved December 2, The first prince, Elia, then uncover the truth; he is the real father of Nanami and Hakua.

During the concert, Souta’s power increases once more, and the time fflag up. Souta saved both of them by breaking Kurumiko’s death flag by making Kurumiko his little sister, just like how he make Okiku his older sister.

November 30, [22]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. March 2, [16]. Separated into two, half of Nanami is locked in the jail in Principality of Bladefield, in which she manages to escape and hides inside Ruri. Retrieved from ” https: Retrieved July 6, Souta reveals to her that he is able to see the fate of someone’s future in the form of flags, and that he is able to “break” the flag by his actions.

The Premium Ambriel absorbs the remaining creatures to charge a final attack, while Souta regains memory of his past as he tries to stop the attack.

The episode ends with the girls in front of Quest Dorm smiling. The Quest Dorm is said to be demolished soon. Later they are being chased by Ruri’s clone, which is programmed to assassinate Hakua and Nanami.

Once the games are over, they spend an overly long time exchanging presents due to the girls feeling bad for everyone else who didn’t get Souta’s presentbefore Souta reveals he bought presents for everyone. April 2, [17] [18]. Retrieved April 3, The seventh volume was published simultaneously with a limited edition, bundled with a drama CD.


The price being the girls were to lose their memories of the event, and Souta and the girls were to forget having ever met each other while Souta despaired his life.