Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi. Episode 25 Episode The events of this separation leads to another five year skip in Kasamh Se. Bani faces difficulties with the school she is trying to enroll Ganga in, and things may take a drastic turn when Jai is fatefully near Bani. Sanskaar – Dharohar Apnon Ki S Disturbed by these emotions, Jai tries to find Meera and apologize to her but instead finds Bani. Meanwhile, Jai becomes abusive towards Meera and plans to give her a child.

Not only that, but Meera and Jai are now divorced! Jai rescues Pia and Sahil from the police even though Bani is also angry with Pia’s act. Bani pulls off a great presentation at the office despite Ranvir’s anger, and back at home Mohan proposes to Bani. As Bani cries at Krishna’s and Atharva’s grave, Mr. However, on the way home she meett with a fatal accident. After several years, Pushkar comes and meets the Walia family and wants to take Pia home so they can live together with Veer. Khanna did not even look at Ganga’s horoscope.

Jai ignores Bani and Daksh, but when he returns home he takes his anger out on Meera. As Jai and Bani romance, the family tells Jai and Bani’s love story to the kids.

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Later at the Walia Spisode, the head shaving ceremony epidode Varun begins and its a true Punjabi party. Ranvir secretly tapes Pia and Pushkar in the hotel room, and meanwhile Bani decides she must find a different place to live. Meanwhile, Jai confesses to Jigyasa that he feels Bani has returned to Mumbai which greatly upsets her. At the epiosde, Jai announces a new business project which will be head by Pushkar, and assisted by Bani.


Bani plans to commit suicide and meanwhile Jai, in a fit of anger, destroys all of Bani’s belongings. However, Jai is even angrier when he learns that Mr. A lot has changed since then. Jai thinks about his intentions of getting close to Pia while Pushkar proposes to Pia.

Jai promotes Bani to general manager at his office, which delights the three sisters. Jai is furious about the pictures of Krishna and Atharva that Ganga unknowingly brings, and disrupts the party.

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Ganga is able to escape from the frightening outhouse, but she accidentally angers Jai. Surprisingly, Jai arrives there and plays with Ganga. Bani settles into the outhouse, but she a stone pillar falls onto her, giving her a serious head injury.

However, while on the train Rano bumps into Pronita, who is also entering an art contest at Mount Abu. After hearing Pia’s account of what happened at the disco, Bani slaps Pushkar. Disturbed by these emotions, Jai tries to find Meera and apologize to her but instead finds Bani. Bani has blood cancer, and is going to die. However, Jigyasa and Karuna try to move the secret of the outhouse, but things turn haywire when Jai wants to destroy the outhouse.

The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. Episode 7 Episode 7. Happiness has spread throughout the entire home, and Ganga is pregnant while Mr. While in jail, Jigyasa receives a threatening phone call from her blackmailer, who says Ranvir’s life is in danger. Soon, Jigyasa’a blackmailer visits her in jail. Episode kasqm Episode Five years have passed since Bani left the Walia mansion. She believes that Jai will give her more things that Pushkar could ever give.


As Ganga gets masam for going to Vidya’s birthday party, Bani has plans of her own.

When they return back to the Walia Mansion, they find out Jai is hosting a party for his new engagement. Jai, taking pity on Bani, gives her a job at one of his hotels. During the party Pushkar meets Pia and he takes an instant attraction to her, but Jigyasa’s second plan creates more distance between Oasam and Pia.

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However, when Jai finds out that Kwsam is Bani’s daughter, Pallavi’s engagement party goes haywire. However, the bone marrow does not match Ganga’s, but Meera has another surprise up her sleeve.

Jigyasa tells Bani and Meera the truth.

Jai loves the sweet rice, and thakurain’s plan totally backfires. Episode 29 Episode Bani wakes up to break her fast as Bani Walia, not Pronita.

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Soon after, Dadi goes to the outhouse and her life is put in danger. Dadi decides not to tell Jai that Bani is in Meerut, and leaves it up to God to decide. Pia declines an offer to be a model and while she shops some more, Rano leaves to go back home.