Poem in tengahan metre Pra Igel , cat. Usada Rare, Javanese-Balinese notes on medicines and magic with reference to children, with rajahs. The hero, also called Astra Smara, prince of Kembang Wilis, and his beloved Ratna Sari are roaming about the country in order to escape their enemy, the King of Boja Sari. The story of a young man, Jayaprana, who is educated by the ruler of the country, then marries the beautiful Layon Sari, but who is then treacherously killed by the ruler. Praniti Raja Kapa-kapa dandang gula. Some pages are blank, the rajahs are not written in their place. Geguritan Enggung, macapat story. Kidung Kaputusan, tengahan, tutur.

Tebubut-bubut, story in prose. Old Javanese lyric poem in Indian metres, 24 cantos, mainly description of nature, mountain scenery, mentioning p. The dog is killed by his son Moder, ancestor of Muslims who do not eat dog and pork , afterwards King of Koripan. Plutuk, Javanese-Balinese mostly Balinese compilation of notes on offerings with reference to funeral offices, cremations. See on this text Edi S. Incomplete copy of Samarkandi, romance in macapat metres. According to the colophon without date the text was written in Banten by ki Padang Kerta; the scribe was Kerti Nala.

Historic story from Lombok.

Weda Purwaka, Javanese-Balinese notes, Buddhist ritual, mantras, offerings, in the beginning referring to the five mountains, origins of holy water.

Didactic speculative poem, tengahan metre, cat. Didactic speculative poem, macapat metre, cat. Ritual of tetebasan ing utang sesan: Dewa Ruci in verse. Saba Parwa Parikan, in macapat metre. Kematuan Arang, Bharadah legend in tengahan metre, see cat. The marriage of Naga Puspita with the princess Utarawati.


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Galungan, Sari ning- Javanese-Balinese mostly Balinese notes on Galungan 11th wuku offerings, with incantation, Resi Gana sayut incantation. I Suda Mala, satwa. Sasak notes and lessons given by Guru to Dunya p. Not in Pigeaud II, p.

Some pages are blank, the rajahs are not written in their place. Kern, on the Kawi-Balineesch-Nederlandsch woordenboek, by H.

Kancil Teken Cicing, satwa story. Rama saweg wonten Mantili direja, mentioning Dasa, Muka and Togog. With a table of contents and an index of names by J. The present MS contains more of the tale than Or. Teges ipyan, in tengahan metre, on dreams. Geguritan I Belog, macapat satwa.

Pandam Bumi, foster-son of the widow of Mendala Arjuna marries Titi Sendari, princess of Darawati, because Calotang Gatotkaca and Semar procure from Guru the miraculous presents golden trees she requests, and Jagal Bilawa Bima and Sudarma-Sudarmi Nakula-Sadewa find the other presents buffalos and game, a golden pavilion. Pambadah, in macapat metre, didactic. Geguritan Tutut Masih, macapt metre, story. Panelsel Raga, in macapat metre, lyrics. Damar Wulan, collation of seven different texts, Or.

Shorter magical texts, the last ones crossed out. Rawan maling Titisari; Elaborate full-page drawings, schematic figures referring to religious speculation ff. Begandring Mayang Retna, in verse. Followed by magicomedical advice. Geguritan Katak, story in tengahan metre. Kumara Tatwa, Javanese-Balinese Old Javanese treatise on religious speculation, in the beginning mentioning dasendriya: Awig-awig Badung Mengwi, on local law, village regulations, etc.


From some texts a third copy has been made.

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The script of p. Pigeaud, De Tantu Panggelaran. Jayeng Rana jumeneng ratu. The idiom is East Javanese. Magical preparations for coitus. Pangeling-eling, papulan, private notes, economy.

inventory of the oriental manuscripts of the library of the university of

Cokor Ratu, in macapat metre. Soegiarto of NBG 18, being a collection of Wayang purwa plays 56 lakons. Originally palmleaves two volumes.

Eschatological poem on Kali Sangara, tengahan metre, mahabharatq at the end empu Raga Runting, cat. Pekir, texts on ritual, magic smallpox. Putru and Plutuk, in the form of conversations between the gods.

Anang Hanang one stanza.

Cock-fights and crisses occupy important places in the tale. Iskandar, Cataloguep. Yajna Prakerti, Javanese-Balinese notes. Notes on salat sembiyang.