First of all, Im a big fan of Season 1. I don’t think a petition will change anything. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. But when I really realised it had 2 be fake was when I watched the episode when Spenny were about to kill him self by jumping down a cliff. Follow me on Twitter Just posted a photo https: I clearly stated that it was the unrealistic actions and responses from spenny and johnny crack in the beginning of the episode making the WHOLE episode appear fake! Jason January 27, at 2: The last couple of episodes have convinced me its fake.

Please respond, either privately or in a blog. I have a feeling that if Kenny vs Spenny returned it wouldn’t be very good or at least wouldn’t hold up that well. I would like to have a show like this when we are older. I cn definatly atest to the show getitng pretty popular. It was a great show, but it’s done. Unknown November 20, at 9: Who needs drugs when the show is addictive as hell?! I think he is just jealous.

Submit a new text post. Awsome to hear your making it big in over here in Canada. Unknown January 27, at 3: I know it makes more sense and is more entertaining if it was real.

Jackie February 1, at 3: Keep up the thrilling reality of it all!!! Yeah people seem to dwell on thinking the show is fake but what can you do. This doesnt prove KVS is fake but it does prove that you were oenny makin excuses up for what reason, i dont know.

I do video and editing and stuff to and I know what you mean, after all the post production sometimes its hard to keep it real looking. Kenny post a blog explaining why in the beer episode, when kenny hits the bottles off the table with the hockey stick, there are more bottles in one shot, then right before he hits them, then there are less bottles that before?


The last group of episodes staying awake the longest, who can drink the most beer are more real and are acutal competitions. I am your biggest fan. They are the kennyy that fund tv shows and I’m pretty sure Showcase was the one that axed the show in the first place. But yeah, I do think it is. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I still love the show though. Or am I over analyzing the special effects sesson movie madness??!

I had sneaking suspicions, which have been confirmed. I have PROOF that the show is fake… and im so fucking mad about it… i was the biggest fan i have seen every episode at least once and then most of them twice… i saw the boner one at least 5 times all the way through and then wen i was watching one of the other ones i only saw once, i saw something that proves that the show is fake!!!

If you didnt read my previous blogs i made it clear that it wasnt the goddamn editing or the amount of cameras or how the fucking sunlight just so happened to strike pehition camera lens at a particular time. I still love show though. A terrible actor who desperately needs a haircut! Reset Password Please wait S August 12, at 6: Kenny is 47 now, and Spencer is older than him 5 years older, iirc.

Whats the story there? Kenny just wants money right now and to relive his glory days.

Sign this petition to get a new series of Kenny vs Spenny commissioned on Netflix : kennyvsspenny

So just take that into account when critisizing it. Watched every episode 5 times, you still need to get spenny back for making you slut around the street on who can be the better woman.


But when I really realised it had 2 be fake was when I watched the episode when Spenny were about to kill him self by jumping down a cliff. Also, the show is too convenient. He knows Kennyand even Spenny are hotter than him.

Does not matter though I still enjoy the show most of the time. Kenny you are the man! You guys are so fucking funny, you two are just like me and my friend. kenhy

Kenny vs Spenny Season 7

I don’t think a petition will change anything. Angela January 29, at 2: Yo first of all im a big fucking fan of k vs spenny.

Are you guys going to be making another season of Kenny vs. Jay January 30, at 6: Kenny, if you had to again? Daniela February 1, at What I do want is more Triumph of the Will.


They’re too tired and fat to do the shit they used to. For free, daily updates, sign up for the “Tonight on Kenny Hotz” newsletter.

Joel November 25, at Oh ye of little faith. Follow me on Twitter Just posted a photo https: Kenny was in his early 30s then, which is the prime age to be doing all the shit they did.