All I use nowadays is UHC essentials. You forgot the part where you made countless scenarios for a solid month and I knew you as the scenario guy for the longest time xP. I asked one of my Pokecommunity friends the guy who made the music for my intro if I could borrow his account for just a day. Played a lot of reddits, also played badlion then they started hosting uhcs as well so ye. But, I stuck around on the Reddit watching highlights and recorded rounds. There is a community post everyday where unrelated content can be posted.

Was subscribed to the one and only Graser Us 3 were pretty good friends and I even meant some people like hunter, ProHulk, MoTo and a few others along the way. A bunch either got busy or disinterested during school most of us hit our junior year in HS and the rest thought we needed more people the most we ever had was 7. This person who introduced me- jameslikesrap. In UHC mode, health does not regenerate, you must use a golden apple, golden head, or instant health potion. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Then we played Direct Fire, and I met danielsherba.

I accept and I’m added to the chat. Before you just jump into a game, make sure you have a basic idea of the common rules among the hosts and make sure to read the match post to prevent any confusion.

A few weeks later I checked it out and decided to play a game. kermit;laysmc

MindCrack Ultra Hardcore/Season 3 – The Unofficial Fan-Run MindCrack and HermitCraft Wiki

I watched Mindcrack uhc religiously from like season 9 to season 11 or 12 before I realized I could play it on this subreddit. A crap player, with xray. He became my first friend and we later dicked around on his server with his friend otter something?

Want to add to the discussion? He linked his kermiyplaysmc and I subscribed. Pretty much every friendship I made started in a random teams game where me and someone else would have good chemistry, then we would do a to2 and they would realize that I suck at pvp and never team with me again.

I watched it, but at the time I wasn’t lermitplaysmc into minecraft, so I didn’t really enjoy it that much. I went to the american school that I wanna go to till i graduate now during my “summer vacation” of sorts. After playing a few games I was shocked at how good people were on here.


I added him on Skype, we died early on to Bag and Dibz you were snowballing.

Was a little pissed. I specifically remember my first game I died to suffocation in my first game ever Add me on skype: I searched online for “public UHC”. I then took a much longer break and came back here. My UHC history began in about April when I stumbled upon Etho’s ssason series because of a comment on one of someone named monkeyfarm’s videos. They were kinda shitty. In November of I subscribed to Peteyboo for his let’s play videos.

Comments are owned by the Poster. Also skipped meeting tbone who invited me to his first one waaay back but it flopped. Hosting provided by ZestPlaysMC https: So i was looking through youtube when suddenly, i found VintageBeef’s Steve vs Steve series, the saw Mindcrack uhc season 9, then look in the interwebs and i found eximius, then someone on there said “hey guyz check out the reddit uhc page thing” so as a 12 year old kid 2 years ago i went and checked it.

Yes, I came from Mindcrack, start the riots. I was really bored later and decided to watch it I then watched all the episodes out which was every one but the final episode I watched that. Custom plugin and hosting provided by ZestPlaysMC http: They started boasting how better Reddit was, and me never having heard of it, I defended Excimius. I carry on speaking to jameslikesrap sason the next hour or so, and he adds me to a skype chat. My first game was a rto5 moles game hosted by spork.

Somewhere in between, I had seen Break’s montage of season 5, then I hunted for every season’s montage. About maybe months from the present a mutual friend introduced me and Thwip and we to2’d on his server’s rr in which we got rekt at 00 by a solo and we didn’t really talk until later when we became best friends.

One time, i esason in description that original concept was by mindcrack, i started watching Etho and their uhcs, seawon i found metalguy’s montages of mindcrack, i started watching him and found his uhc highlights new concept for me and it was on reddit, then i found dibzcraft and the rest of reddit. We’re using a custom plugin for UHC that automatically disables PvP for the first 20 minutes and displays episode timers.


Minecraft Cube UHC Season 12: Episode 3 – Enchanting…

I met smellyking with whom i played quite a bit even though everyoner hated him or something. Played that for a while and started getting bored because I was winning so often. Then I saw his rnr 1 montage the day it came out and I played my first game just a few hours later. Now you’re one of the coolest guys I know: Over time, I noticed the frequent players there stopped playing.

Saw him play some good ol’ uhc, thought that looked pretty damn fun, since all I had played prior to that was pretty much prison servers.

So have fun and enjoy life: I later got a personal server and hosted a few for my friends. I was pretty desperate oermitplaysmc that point so I did something pretty embarassing: In the description he linked to the subreddit. I made my reddit account a day later. I got tired of that so I just decided to stick with CC and Zanify, but shortly after that Zanify left the community, and then CC stopped playing because of College.

Cube Uhc season 9 episode 2 table 3 – Youtube Multiplier

Episode 3 kermigplaysmc Enchanting The last remaining player is deemed the winner. Mindcrack Season 3 montage by MOP, which later lead me to Burning’s Mindcrack montages along with the player montages from Crimson, which eventually lead me to the reddit in Kermitplaaysmc However, somewhere around February, I left the community as I was really getting interested in my real life and was becoming disinterested with UHC.

Then season 11 came along, and I gave it a try.