I’m madly anticipating it, but not really sure whether my heart can take it. Up till that scene I’d managed to hold back the floodgates – but when it became clear that she was being forced to chose between living or having a hand in murdering her brother, that’s where I lost it. This show practically has me screaming — once again— incoherent thoughts at the screen. That was a money quote for sure. Took me a good 5 minutes to normalize my breathing after that scene. You just gonna love a drama when the stakes are high, the truth so staggering, and our characters are one of a kind.

And everything he thought he knew comes crashing down. And in a great visual beat, Dad stands in the shadows, while Son stands in the light. Jeon Gook Hwan Supporting Cast. I remember alot of the ones who like to comment and reply alot, so even if it’s just this episode, i’ll remember you. Minea May 17, at 6: But, knowing this drama, it’ll end just as suspenseful and captivating as it began.

Eonni, You’ve listed her brave acts throughout the drama and I’m nodding my heads in agreement. What can I say This drama is awesome: Then, you say that HA isn’t a woman?

This definitely needs another season… or two. They give strength to each other. She’s such a great actress.

Mia takes her hand, forcing her to spread the coal dust with her own dramacraay. Watch ‘ The King 2 Hearts ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet.


Episode 18

HOW does this drama make me fist pump SO hard just within the first few minutes of it?! The first episode is really good, and headts actors speaking in a North Korean dialect is awesome.

Yes, that was a great catch, Girlfriday! I’m gonna be so sad cause next epiosde be the homestretch. I need time to dries my tears first. Been refreshing the page like mad crazy. They each had a scene where they shined above the rest but together they made one big ol’ “dont-look-to-long-or-it-might-singe-your-retina” ball of goodness.

Each time she says no, she can’t, but when push comes to shove, she does it. But here he’s a bit campy. Shi-kyung drives in the rain, struggling to hold back his tears.

This is the most wonderful couple in the world! Add to that the wonderful and thoughtful comments that you’re all tirelessly putting out there. Ha Ji Won Main Cast.

After watching the episode last night, this was dtamacrazy what I was thinking and BAM! They run and hide and run and hide until they make it through the tunnels and into the caves below the complex. Love the moves Hang-ah used on our wimpy Prince.

This show practically has me screaming — once again– incoherent thoughts at the screen.

This will definetely become a trend in SK. Now you just welling up my eyes, and I’m teared again!! I may be the only here but during that dream scene, I was thinking, ‘Woah, isn’t the love story happening too fast?


I usually just lurk at the thread till the near end and then I start posting XD. I swear to god Hang Ah wins heroine of the year. At least while so many chips are down, Jae-ha has turned the ship around in the course of the episode, since he ended the last one ready to give up everything, and ends this episode ready for a fight.

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He realizes a way to bypass all the tight-lipped people and goes to the records room and flashes his top-level clearance card and asks for a file.

Her courage and soldier mode make Queen Mother realizes that she has the strong personality and courage to heartd Bonggu and finally, decides to escape. The fallout with Dad was so heartbreaking.

And everything he thought he knew comes crashing down.