And it just gets better. She takes him downstairs where the acoustics are better and hands him a microphone, wanting to record him. He is now a King and his beloved women are now in danger. The lighting changes as he comes upon her, so this has to be a dream. Is he a genius? The queen mother is developing into a heroine in her own right after wishing desperately to do whatever it takes to pacify Bong-gu and live in peace, she now has the fire in her to fight him–literally!

There’s always something to think about. Being a King was never in his dream and he just wanted to live easy and peaceful. Saima you are so right. Jae-ha says nothing—all he does is dial and then listen. Okasan May 11, at 3: Since when did being emotionally spent and one’s heart being ripped from her chest and thereafter being stomped on thoroughly feel THIS good — when the acting moves one to tears and after a crying jag one feels refreshed – it was almost a cathartic experience!! This episode sets the bar so high. Through episode 3, Lee Seung Gi is joyfully reprimanding representatives of strong power, in episode 4, Lee Seung Gi reveals the distress of royal family which is unknown by others, shedding tears of sadness, showing the new side which is opposite from arrogant character.

No, let all hearties hug you, Your Royal Highness. If he saves the country, he has to sacrifice his loved ones. I couldn’t episod but laugh at how although our villain is a threat to our characters, he’s also a crazy psycho we can’t take seriously. TV The King 2 Hearts.

A kind of mom he never had! The queen mother is developing into a heroine in her own right after wishing desperately to do whatever it takes to pacify Bong-gu and live episodde peace, she now has the fire in her to fight him–literally! And I can imagine you re-enacting the scene too. He can kill her off easily with a flick of his fingers. The boy needs hearys have more recognition after seeing K2H.


The scenes kill me by the overwhelming aura, but GF screencaps it is absolutely brilliant. That makes two of us, maria.

Wednesday not here yet? I was staring at her legs too, so shiny XD!

I’m really hoping that Hang-ah and the queen momma will step in and help save the day. It did not pain Bong Gu. Lee Do Kyung Supporting Cast. I literally replayed his scenes over and over again. hexrts

Jae-ha looks up at him, stricken. Osi May 10, at 9: Jae Ha could only stand in this episode because he had Shi Kyung at his back.

My comments have been brief because I just get upset thinking about this episode! I LOVE that the side characters have their own complete arcs. She dramacfazy chastises him like a child, for blaming his parents for his own flaws, for claming a rough childhood when most people who endure hardship are better for it. Now the 2 hearts in the title works here. Saima May 10, at 8: I was holding my breath the whole episode, though.

The King 2 Hearts

Secretary Eun tells him to go ahead and tell Shi-kyung whatever he wants to, because he is no longer going to listen to any threats from the likes of them.

Beginning from the movie Welcome to Dongmakgol, until the current The King 2 Hearts, she also became the North Korean language teacher for actors of movie Berlin, Spy and other projects. Gahhhh is it Wednesday yet?! He oozes with compliments for how dignified she is, noting that his own mother was so different, so crude.

Whenever I’ve watched the classic dramas I’ve wondered how did the viewers at the time feel watching it live. Pic of HA in white gown showing off amazing back, super toned yet not muscular arms and tiny waist is gonna be my motivation for getting off my butt and hitting the gym more regularly.


What more when skinship is already involved?! But Hook said I usually call her tante kait or tante rempong by the way, you know why ; Seung gi will focusing in his singing career, so the chance is low. Shi-kyung agrees, still trusting Jae-ha despite it all. And Lee Seung Gi in his fetal position exhibiting that kind of episoee, gobsmack.

Register a new account. Bong-gu interrupts to make his grand entrance, and Hang-ah recognizes him right away.

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She sang that song to him just once, so how did he remember it? He was so close! Lee Seung Gi has consistently maintained powerful sly and pretending when hiding behind the chair when was ambushed during WOC training or let other glides the bullet through his finger and other ridiculous acts done by abrupt prince.

LSG is the best! It makes me think a lot. He washes his face and comes out of the bathroom to find Hang-ah just sitting there, waiting for him. He calms down and gives Shi-kyung ten more minutes to get him through to Bong-gu. He walks off, klng Jae-ha reeling.