Kudos to the writers for the brilliant password treasure box with that awesome clue: His walk got me again Have you never seen a spy movie? Plus I love the fact that though it started out as a political agenda for Club M, how because of Jae Ha its more personal. You know I wondered a lot about his role as crazy villain, I mean why bring such a silly character when all other characters are so well defined, now I can see clearly!!! Don’t wait for it to go on sale, either.

I love her to bits. Ha, I’m so glad you mentioned this. They’ve finally found each other. More than his suits, I love his ties!!! She opens up a few, overwhelmed by the gestures, and then finds a note in one, written in blood? Girlfriday the screenshot with Jae Ha winking was for us girls right???

It just kills me how much love and respect he has for her. Mama J April 27, at 4: Shi-kyung smiles and nods. Are you advertising to the entire world what a laughable ass you are?

But as you say, yeah.

The King 2 Hearts

My heart couldn’t contain the happiness when JH brings HA hand-in-hand to reunite with his mum. So please stop, and go exercise. I had to remind myself that I’m a girl for a moment there! Yay for major character development. Loved the lovers tiff, the daughter-father phone call.

Suggest some sites to download full episodes of Korean drama…?

I was enjoying the second leads and their romance. Choi Kwon Supporting Cast. This episode is EPIC! TV The King 2 Hearts. He refuses to let it be taken away. Thanks to this recap, I realize just how bloody awesome his insult is. Can’t wait to OWN it even if I know i can watch it online.


I mean he is the kind of villain you need to make Our King grow to be kinb awesome! He asks if she thinks they can do it—the WOC, getting married. PrimeMinister3 April 27, at 3: Don’t you people notice how he is killing us all again and again with every scene being perfect?!?

I felt so proud watching her mop the floor with those guys. Osi April 26, at 9: You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! It is not just you oline. You people might beat me up, but here is the truth, On,ine never liked her in secreyt garden, maybe the genre or the character, I just couldn’t get all the hype about her! He’s so brilliant, our Jae-ha, I tell you! Also, I love the password game! Watch ‘ The King 2 Hearts ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet.

LOL and he doesn’t even use it for it’s purpose but rather just to knock em onkine with it. OMO thank you sooooooooooooo much for the recap!!!

But i think that’s what’ll really shake bong gu in his socks. I want that kind of revenge too. Jo Jung Suk Main Cast. He is helping the flower spread! Not only that but the way Jae Ha was watchin her while she kicked butt and took names. The cameras catch her, and everyone, including Mom and Secretary Eun, sees dramcrazy.


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He has something to fight for, and gets a boost of confidence without being patronized. Luv him and that pic!! Kudos to the writers for the brilliant password treasure box with that awesome clue: He walks closer and wipes the tears from her eyes. Tom hands Jae-ha the pre-recorded message from Bong-gu, aatch responsibility. Here are some Korean dramas you might like: More than his suits, I love his ties!!!

I’m a bit confused because the subs I watched had him asking “why didn’t they mention me? Honestly, its so nice to have Jae Ha read him in just a snap.

Lee Sung Min Main Cast. Meaning sex, what I would hate. Nice way to let out some anger. True BUT, have some faith. Park Gun Tae Supporting Cast. She just saved my life. Playful kiss, boys over flowers, flower boy, my girlfriend is a gumiho, my princess, personal preference, coffee prince, my girl, palace goongyou’re beautiful, city hunter, full house, lie to me, prosecutor princess, sweet 18 nangrangyou’ve fallen for me heartstrings.

He was made to be king with that kind of attitude and awesomenesss. The BGM is frickin’ awesome Aww, I love this episode so much. They’ve finally found each other.