The subs were unexpectedly fast?! He’s confused and checked on the empty room, and went out. Even though they complement each other, it seems they started threading in diferent directions at the key events. I’m happy it didn’t happen that way because i couldn’t predict the real ending until only a few episodes close to the end. Nothing really special except Kobato’s moeness. Kobato’s adorable, looks like she had a good life at that estate.

Fear me or Not it is all the same to me. Hummm that was kind of boring He was said to be working ‘there’ for that time, but there were another few years that flew by. They did nice job for how Kobato met Sayaka! She does not have a father which kind of feels me up to it. I’m pleased with just seeing her on the screen, no matter what happens there. So she was gonna be with him anyways. As somebody already mentioned, the pacing could’ve been improved upon, but I guess they had no choice but to rush it all in this episode.

For short form, The candy from episode 23, is the feelings of Fujimoto for Kobato And the last candy, is the memory of Kobato’s previous life and feelings she felt for Fujimoto.

Oh well, the anime was alright, sound, animation, enjoyment, was about astoryline was crap though. It’s been 4 years already. At home new place nowhe’s doing the work redoing the will and having trouble with property tax?

I don’t think there englishh supposed to be much that happens. Anyone who thrives in a thread commenting on how horrible clamp is and how they screw up everything needs a slap to the face about 5x harder should do then too.

I feel all fuzzy inside watching this episode. Fujimoto is at a countryside and visited a ssub building with no light. I know this is kind of optimistic, but any subs yet?


Although, I do wonder if the story writer maybe just forgot about good ol’ Ioryogi-san, and then added the scene where he comes back on because the writer didn’t want to be encased in flames himself. I couldn’t care less about the storyline, yet I will stick to it as Kobato is probably the most beautiful anime-character I’ve ever seen. Overall, the show made smile quite a bit at times. Just because they’re successful, doesn’t mean they actually deserve all this praise.

She is walking toward the building! Although I loved this, there are so many questions gone unanswered, mainly about Ioryogi.

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It’s a laid back, slow paced sort of anime, and so far, I love it. I should have just lied and said that I thought this was the sweetest most original anime I have ever kpbato, and how beautifully touching and heartwarming the story was, and how the characters- I CAN’T DO IT. Thank you for your visit. I have lost all respect I once had for them.

BBCode Sorry for my bad English. At least the manga is still there. She said that the wish was to be return to Fujimoto if she can reborn, and wanted to smile at him when she met him again, but she cannot do so because she’s crying!

So wait a minute Assuming he was about 20 through the course of the anime, he’s now 30! When singing, Kobato remembered about the memory before rebirth. I’ve been wondering about that. As a comedy I guess it lives up to its expectation but not in a good way. I like it, despite the show’s numerous flaws and liberties. I liked the ending, though I’m feeling sad now. He said that there was a person in the past who is important to him sang it and he’s searching for her.


I cannot imagine a nice adult watching this. I’m sticking with this anime. Will most likely change this soon.

Kobato. Episode 2 Discussion

Like rpisode first episode: Aw, this was really cute. Pretty funny episode, thought not as charming as the first one. I might be able to buy that, but as I’ve said a number of times now, I just don’t see Kobato-Fujimoto as a romantic anije. Then there’s a flashback of kindergarten life with a space that supposed to be Kobato there. And it even followed the manga pretty nicely: Unless this series picks up a bit, I might drop this.

Kobato. Episode 24 Discussion

I’ll have to start reading the manga soon. And this show has an interesting view on the afterlife. Additionally, we don’t get to learn how Kobato died, how Ioryogi was involved, or what exactly the meaning of Epiaode flashback was.

If that was the case, then Kobato would be a 4-year old kobatto. It’s just a wonderful love story of Kobato wanting to be with her loved one. But i do agree that there should’ve been more romance She said don’t be shocked at what she’s about to say.

What a shitty ending.

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Left a warm feeling. Kobato is just too cute. At the beguining of ,obato story i thought Kobato was hiding devil horns under her hat, and that her wish was to go to heaven and be an angel. Fujimoto is back, and it’s raining, so he’s getting his laundry away, and there’s shiny stuff.