Iv been watching Bleach for a long time and i too miss bleach. I do not know man… the Bleach fights are always bad ass. Dee Dee May 14, at 1: RT June 8, at 3: May 16 Sankarea Ep. If you have a Kindle Fire device with a Wi-Fi connection you may use it to download ebooks directly to your device. Huge twists have already taken place. Was that from the first episode, youll get hooked to it.

Even though it didn’t really have the best story and there was lots of filler, it was still pretty unique iconic style and had some really good characters and awesome fights and concepts. In terms of fights and maturity, Bleach wins. Everyone has a right to their own opinion and everyone has their own taste but describing Naruto as kiddie is just wrong to me. While similar to payday loans, they are better in a number of ways. Ugo with dem driving skills. Ya… n y episode final arc?? I mean, they just totally ruined the flow of so many arcs!! Absolute power corrupts absolutely, but it rocks absolutely, too.

The time-skip just fooked that all up.

Just keep in mind thats theres alwas a reason for everything that had comes to happen. Kitty June 29, at As for Bleach I enjoy it and I look forward to it. It was quite the fight! Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Ep.

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Only watched the first episode so far but I can dubb tell it’s gonna be dark and depressing as phuck. Sunite April 5, at 8: Has anyone watched Black Lagoon? June 21 Medaka Box Ep. With the male lead taking care of his female childhood friend which is typically the other way around and his disdain for pursuing a relationship that might distract him from his studies, this series has shown it wants to do things differently.


I just finished Sakamichi’s final episode. What is Kirei up to? Well its a good thing to have a good laugh for a change.

Most people are saying that when the manga is nearly done, the anime will start episdoe a good amount of space between the anime and manga. What would FOX gain in cancelling Bleach? Also mirin background choice. If the anime overruns the manga, how will the anime animators know what to show because the anime comes directly from the manga.

This was one of those shows that needed to be 24 episodes long. Bleach could have not ended at Aizen because there was too much left. Well all I know that bleach should keep going because maybe over there is not popular but over here its one of the best shows i love to toon in to. Best animes forever Like Like.

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Sunite April 20, at 6: I wish they can keep Bleach going. One thing that bleach had tho. I highly recommend it! The manga has to progress alot for the anime to return. Sunite July 31, at 5: Next anime I’ll be watching is Spice and Wolf.

Hallowichigo23 April 4, at 2: No one knows when its going to air since its been temporarily cancelled. Finished up Tenjou Tenge manga and started on Aiki. I just hope it is not canceled but merely fnglish. Thankfully, things are starting to pick up at this middle part of the series so I can see anomeratio enjoying the rest a lot more than I did the first 4 or 5 episodes I nearly thought this show was going to become a chore to watch.


From what people had told me it was supposed to be some sort of deep, insightful masterpiece but I think it’s a little bit overrated. I just found out tonight that episode is possibly the last episode of Bleach.

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Yes i myself have endored through filler episodes but I still found my self watching them. Hopefully back to normal next week. Can’t wait to see his powers in a real fight. Kubo should focus on dialogs that are a ambiguous and cryptic that leaves the viewer wondering and cut out fights that last for multiple episodes.

PNG Looks like he had hawkeyes as a kid, so its probably genetic or a maybe a genetic mutation. The crescendo of emotions go from shock to despair and finally disbelief. I think its a good ending point for it in the anime.