Ci dispiace, il tuo blog non consente di condividere articoli tramite e-mail. Focus is seized at the mo but I will try and get it freed up. Bencini Comet S, Roll film Camera. Delivery options see all. Bencini Koroll II – mike eckman dot com. The large and bright viewfinder make composition a snap.

Korolls were introduced in , mostly all mm. Since this camera allows for 24 exposures per roll, I should have at least 20 to shoot myself, so I made the decision to finish the roll. R 6 months ago. It gives me a sense of connection and appreciation for the art itself. Tradotto potrei banalizzare dicendo che scatta in formato verticale! Pictame Online Instagram Posts Viewer. D Wie gehts euch? I have someone at notonthehighstreet HQ to thank for this photo, they even coincidentally used one of my favourite cameras, the Koroll 24, for the shot.

Fungsi normal Lensa mulus ga ada jamur, baret dan kabut lensa lengkap dengan wadah kamera or. For the 2nd exposure, wind the film until the number 1 is in the right window. S4 Photography by Simeon Thaw bencinl months ago.

The lens is capable of good center sharpness, but it softens quickly near the edges suggesting this is a single element lens. ICAF would make simple box and folding cameras for ffilm amateur photographer. Kevin Magnuson 3 months ago. Studio Ottico Di Pietro.

Whenever these cameras would become damaged and need repair, they needed to be sent back to the manufacturer in France. Diptych on a snowy day bencini koroll koroll24 halfframe ilford ilfordfp4 ilfordphoto mediumformat mediumformatfilm film blackandwhitefilm blackandwhitephotography grainisgood lomography istillshootfilm ishootfilm shootfilm shotonfilm filmisnotdead believeinfilm filmisalive staybrokeshootfilm thefilmcommunity filmphotography analogphotography filmfeed theanalogclub norway snowday diptych.

Studio Ottico Di Pietro. A Gift for the Princess film photography koroll halfframe kodakfilm valoore. Stefania Bevilacqua 7 months ago. It looks like my instincts to shoot the film as a speed film were spot on. Heyy leute, ich flim ja das ich jetzt eine seeehhhrrr lange pause gehabt habe. My dads old camera.

Inserisci i tuoi dati qui sotto o clicca su un’icona per effettuare l’accesso: A nice collection of a variety of Bencini Koroll models. I feel like I have a greater understanding of how photographers saw their world at that time period. Delivery options see all. La macchina con cui ho benccini le mie prime foto da bambino, un centinaio di anni fa Other Vintage Cameras More from this seller. Each model seems to have gone through a number of facelifts, with minor cosmetic changes.


This one from Boxing Day in exmouth. Kofoll one from Boxing Day in exmouth.

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Prince Bozzina Drago Dracula 3 months ago. I enjoyed shooting the Koroll much in the same way I enjoy shooting a box camera. Koh Samui Island, Benclni. Born in the wrong century vintagecamera vintagecameras vintageguitars framus framusguitar jazzguitar that50 vintage past pictureoftheday canon ikonta camera vitomatic bencini koroll rockandroll rockabilly jazzmanouche life energy buonnatalesalvolarosa cututtuucori.

The lens also gives a heavy vignetting effect which is seen in every image, but oddly seems to be more pronounced on one side over the other. Ci dispiace, il tuo blog non consente di condividere articoli tramite e-mail. Like other half frame 45mm x 60mm or 30mm x 40mm cameras, there are two red windows on the back of the camera bencibi must be used to properly advance the film.

The all metal body is lightweight, but sturdy.

Bencini Koroll II – Ilford HP5 filmisnotdead filmphoto thecreative ishootfilm keepfilmalive expofilm analogphotography istillshootfilm staybrokeshootfilm believeinfilm analoguevibes filmcamera theanalogclub filmphotography analog ilford ilfordhp5 ilfordphoto bencini koroll film.

Diptych on a snowy day bencini koroll koroll24 halfframe ilford ilfordfp4 ilfordphoto mediumformat mediumformatfilm bnecini blackandwhitefilm blackandwhitephotography grainisgood lomography istillshootfilm ishootfilm shootfilm. ERA – Ready 4 Action me awardwinning photographer polaroid fipm creative artist digitalartist international fashionphotography weddingphotography contemporary travelphotography posi.

Salone Internazionale del Mobile – Fuorisalone.

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I could never find out why Bencini chose to use film in a camera that made images that were the same size as that of a camera, when they also made film cameras.

An old man playing with a kid: Case is a little tatty and broken, but camera is in Good condition. Notice the film gate size is shorter than the height of a typical film camera. Taj mahal Agra, Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh. Alessandro 9 months ago.


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Davide Serni 10 months ago. This particular model has an interesting feature where it shoots twenty four 4. Tornando alla nostra combattentesi nota subito dalle prime foto come la macchina si trovasse in un cattivo stato di conservazione, completamente attaccata da ossido e ruggineche aveva inoltre ricoperto il diaframma e la messa a fuoco bloccandoli totalmente. Heyy leute, ich wisst ja das ich jetzt eine seeehhhrrr lange pause gehabt habe.

A strip of film exposed with a Koroll II leaves 15mm worth of film unexposed. Probably around 50 years old. Since I was unable to find any indication of price when new, I can only speculate that this camera was likely sold as an entry level camera to those who had no desire to learn the intricacies of a more advanced camera.

La macchina con cui ho scattato le mie prime foto da bambino, un centinaio di anni fa The Koroll II was a lot of fun to shoot and in my first roll, I never once missed focus and my exposure was pretty spot on. After the war, Bencini decided to capitalize on his experience gained repairing the French cameras and opened his own carpentry shop in Florence where he built and repaired cameras and magnifying devices.

Recent find during cleanout and the camera still has a roll of film inside so can confirm the shutter works, so please study pictures carefully to satisfy yourself of condition as it could do with a clean and auctioned low to reflect this. Item location see all.