Sign In Sign Up. Pops In Seoul Episode 3 years ago. I liked the original strong heart. Posted June 19, Posted February 7, I want my imja couple to be reunited in a real life setting. Actress Kim Hee Sun hilariously put her jealousy towards Kim Tae Hee on display as she decided to replace her name in place of the latter actress while reading her cards. You May Also Like See more.

Kids These Days Episode 11 9 hrs ago. Problematic Men Episode 78 2 years ago. Posted October 19, Moms Diary Episode 6 hrs ago. Wrong solutions will be penalized with a boost of air. I want Yoon Jong Shin back

Real Men Episode 3 years ago.

Kpop Star Season 3 ENG SUB Episodes 1 – 5

Posted September 27, You May Also Like See more. Problematic Men Episode 78 2 years ago.

Why did not they show the episode of Lim Soo Hyang? The program is referred to as the second season of Strong Heart, but with a different format focused on exploring lifestyle differences between generations through surveys to viewers.


Sign In Sign Up. Knowing Brother Episode will air on 23h00 Saturday, Mar 02, King Of Mask Singer Episode 9 hrs ago.

Kpop Star Season 3 ENG SUB Episodes 1 – 5 | kshowwatch

Kim GuRa seems like the main MC now. I thought that would be the next episode after the “I hear your Voice” special. Posted April 3, Eplsode Episode 3 years ago. Abnormal Summit Episode 30 3 years ago. Dream Team Season 2 Episode 3 years ago.

Posted June 22, Hwasin – Operator of the Center is a Southern Japanese discuss display which started broadcasting on Feb 19, on Wednesday evenings at Running Man Episode 3 years ago. Thanks for the raw and subtitles Pops In Seoul Episode 3 years ago.

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As hwasin is airing now live, that’s perfect! He can promote his new epieode there though the drama itself doesn’t need any more promotion. Posted March 27, I wish Min Ho visiting his noona in hwasin.

Seawon Weekly Episode 3 years ago. The different subjects are reenacted through blueprints with the serves and visitors. The new concept is much more enjoyable but I don’t like Kim GuRa.


Posted November 1, Announcements February birthdays Login Issue. Happy Together Episode will air on 23h0 Thursday, Feb 28, By zzainal Started August 10, Mykpkpnote 0ly40 Started December 12, Posted July 15, The Golden Bell Challenge Episode 6 months ago. Excellent MC not to mention the others as well.

Posted April 19,