Manas becomes the boss – 11th February to 17th February – Phulpakhru Webisode 37m 48s. Pledge by Sameer – Phulpakhru Highlights Clip 43s. Meanwhile, Sameer tries to placate an enraged Tanya. Meanwhile, Vaidehi seeks Ranade’s advice regarding the auspicious day for the naming ceremony. The story revolves around Vaidehi, daughter of industrialist Raosaheb. An annoyed Sadanand despises his job as he prepares to return to Nagpur for work. During the naming ceremony, Raosaheb gives his new flat to Manas and Vaidehi as a token of love for his granddaughter. Pledge by Vaidehi – Phulpakhru Highlights Clip 41s.

Phulpakhru – Episode – February 19, – Full Episode. During dinner, Manas insists Sadanand to get a job transfer to Mumbai and stay with them. Vaidehi is raised to be an independent girl and has the right to choose her course, friends, etc. During breakfast, Sameer and Tanya weave the dreams of their beautiful future together. Vaidehi becomes speechless – Phulpakhru Highlights Clip 01m 36s. Phulpakhru – Episode – February 11, – Full Episode. To Manas’s utter delight, Vaidehi surprises him by bringing Mahi to the office.

After returning home, a thoughtful Manas and Vaidehi give a lovely gift to Kusum for Valentine’s Day. Phulpakhru – Episode – February 05, – Full Episode. In office, Sheetal apologizes to Manas for his inconsiderate behaviour and supports Manas’ decision wholeheartedly.

Meanwhile, much to Manas and Vaidehi’s delight, Kusum loves the new house. Later, inspired by Ashwini’s simple advice, Manas pens down a beautiful poem for Mahi.

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Phulpakhru – Episode – February 21, – Full Episode. At night, Manas surprises Vaidehi eisode a pretty necklace as a Valentine’s gift. Seeing this, Shalmali asks Sheetal to let go of Manas without being emotional.


Phulpakhru – Episode – February 10, – Full Episode. Later, Manas-Vaidehi and Sameer-Tanya end up arriving at the same restaurant for the lunch date and on Vaidehi’s insistence, Manas sings a beautiful song for her.

With a heavy heart, Manas and Vaidehi bid everyone goodbye as they shift to the new house along with Mahi. While Kusum tries to avoid accompanying Manas and Vaidehi to the new house, Vaidehi dismisses her. Later, upon Sameer’s insistence epiwode visit Fadke’s Kaka’s office for finalising 5530 layout, Vaidehi lies to Manas and leaves the office entrusting Manas with Mahi’s responsibility. While Vaidehi invites Shalmali for the naming ceremony, an irked Kusum expresses her discontent.

Upon being asked by Manas, Sheetal tells him about the complications in the adoption process. At night, Manas informs Sadanand about his decision to join Raosaheb’s business. This ksuum Vaidehi stressed. Phulpakhru – Episode – January 30, – Full Episode. Upon learning about Manas’ decision to join Raosaheb’s business, a surprised Sameer feels happy. Elsewhere, Sheetal tries hard to come up with a conclusion.

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Click kushm to login. Manas is a father! Upon learning about Manas’ dilemma, Vaidehi supports him to chase his passion and culminate it into profession, and following her advice, Manas plans to attend the music audition the next day.

Upon following up with the adoption agency, Sheetal learns about his application being rejected. Upon being caught by Manas while reciting a poem, Vaidehi decides to complete the work in Manas’s absence to avoid any further risks. Later, Vaidehi and Manas discuss about reconsidering their decision kuxum giving the baby to Shalmali. When an emotional Vaidehi misses her mother, Pratibha comforts her.


Infuriated with this unprofessional behaviour, Manas reprimands Vaidehi. The next morning, Kusum and Vaidehi continue pulling Manas’ leg and to their utter astonishment, Mahi sides with Manas. When Manas mentions about giving the baby epispde Shalmali, a livid Tanya voices her displeasure.

The next morning, Vaidehi manages to send Manas’s childhood pictures to Fadke Kaka by evading Manas’s eyes. Later, unable to recognise Shalmali, Sameer follows her to the office and enquires to Sefial about her. Phulpakhru – Episode – February 11, – Full Episode.

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However, as Mahi refuses to stay calm with Bhagyashri, Vaidehi takes her along to the conference room. At home, Kusum accidently blurts out about the project in front of Manas. Soon, following all the customs and rituals of the ceremony, Manas and Vaidehi unveil the baby’s name.

To Sheetal’s utter disbelief, Shalmali handles the rejection very positively. Pledge by Vicky – Phulpakhru Highlights Clip 44s.

Ranade predicts the coming two years to be problematic for Vaidehi and Manas.