Lucia says it doesn’t change a thing for her. I suspect that Milagros’ first marriage only lasted long enough for Cristobal to realize what a pill she is. After your treatment, I don’t need to. Can I have a ruling from the Patio on this? What can she do to convince Oso? An orphan girl finds her family and the love of her life, being one of the richest families in town. She says the house is too quiet, is something wrong? Did you feel better after talking to her?

Lolo 62 episodes, Amparo Garrido I guess we will find out in tonight’s tragedy if Estercita is or is not truly pregnant. Rebecca meanwhile gets a call from Roman. Clara checks on the sleeping boy and hears his labored breathing. Just take her away already! I am sick Becca is the first to “find” Clara. So the big question is, what is sNora up to.

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Thursday, February 9, at 2: Normita was so out of tmpestad speaking out of turn and questioning Rebecca. Comandante Robles 76 episodes, Manuel Ojeda All that talk of healthy epissode makes me want to go out and fry some cheese curds.

Rosy invites Abi to visit any time. Marina seems cool with it, Hernan is a businessman and such is life. Candy 71 episodes, Gilberto de Anda If Rod wants Whinyela, he can have her. Hotel Manager 2 episodes, She says sorry but I’m not in a good mood.


Hernán es dueño de La Tempestad

Fulgencio Salazar episodes, Ariel 3 episodes, Pamela Archer 2 episodes, Omar Ayala I think it belongs in the Olympics. She flops around on the floor like a fish out of water. El Oso 97 episodes, Lucero Lander Rebecca asks her how the son of the lady who works for her is doing.

Sergio says astutely noticing the scene, wine glasses, empty plates and his buddy with no shirt. Interesting that two of the if not THE most mentally unhinged and unstable characters are Alfredo’s children.

She needs to have Jesus himself come down and slap her. You go away with Roman tsmpestad come back with Marcelo. Did you feel better after talking to her?

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Robles and his guy think the rescue was a success, but Robles know Hernan is still lying. Rebecca is clearly weary and exhausted of the battle with sNora and Lucia. So you decide Clara. Her friend Rosuara was making my fingers itchy too, Poor Rod, he’s really set a low bar when he thinks Whinenelia is a catch.


I knew that I must have missed even more than what Uni cut out. She appreciates the warning so she can take steps to protect her daughters. The monster has disappointed me. Marcelino sets up more. Hernan agrees to go with the Fed to the state capital. Lety teases her mom again about being jealous. You masterfully captured this threecap perfectly.

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I aS hoping she wouldn’t get to Clara first, but here We. They don’t make that very clear but Marina is sporting a baby bump at the end. Marcelo sent me to hell again.

Tere says no it was about Lalo’s neighbor who’s son is ill. Kind of defeats the purpose, no? Last I saw, Lucia has an apartment in her name and pretty sure she has money.

Sara says no why was he supposed to call?