Use the Force to stack these pieces, and then double jump as Jar Jar from them toward the canister high up beside the wall. Use the Force to remove the vent grating, and then double jump as Jar Jar into the vent to reach the other side. Follow Lego Game Help! To shut off the force fields, activate the astromech panel here. Hop up on the ledge and head to the back of this area and hop up to the kit. The canister is partially hidden behind a pillar on the ground level, to the left of where Padme is held or, from her perspective, to her right. Here, there’s a wall determined to kill you.

Rappel up to the higher level, then head back left on the higher catwalk. Time for a mini-boss battle. Activate the astromech panels to reconfigure the fields until the canister can be reached. After the first encounter with Maul and crossing the bridge, use the Force to repair the broken Naboo starfighter on the left side of the hangar. Be sure to shoot at them while flying from one set of generators and turrets to the next. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here In the area with the floating platforms, activate the astromech panel just to the left of the entrance. Move them out of the way, then hit both switches to open the door.

The exploding platforms give you money – more than you lose from dying. Behind it is a bomb – move it next to Grievous with the Force and blow it up with Cody. So use it to help navigate, not gospel. Hop onto the building on your left, then hop up the ledge. Follow the exterior ledge toward the left of the screen. It’s worth me noting that some people have complained about this achievement being a bit buggy.

In the generator area with the large curved walkways, grapple up to the top level. Go into the circular room and use the Force on the LEGO pieces to your left and right to make stairs.


High jump up to the ledge and then use Dark Force to remove the wall blocking the kit in. Thus I won’t be walking through the levels entirely, merely the sections of the levels you come to. At the hangar, look for some crates before the force field, near the magnet that can attract robots.

Don’t jump off the end, you will fall to your death.

At one point, you’ll see a blue laser and a minikit piece, followed by a force field. The canister is located on a high ledge above where Anakin is held. Standing on the tool cart as Jar Jarhave the other character use the Force on it stra move it, and then double jump to grab the canister high up in the air.

In the final room, don’t defeat Dooku yet. Inside the room it will be in the middle of the dark red room. Look for the canister after a set of two laser cannons.

LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game – Canister Location Guide

From that extension, double jump as Jar Jar up to the canister. Go to the end, then jump to the platform on the left. Use the Dark Side of the Force on both red switches to open the capsules, including the one that contains the canister. Once more, grapple up minijits. Use the Force on this capsule to form a stack, and then get up to the door on the high ledge.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga – Blue Mini Kit Guide

Have both characters step on the two lit circular panels at the same time, and repeat until the disco music starts and the canister appears. Go across, then jump up the platforms. At the end of the path, you’ll be attacked by more clones – kill them. User submissions will greatly help and WILL be noted in this guide. Here, there’s a wall determined to kill you.

Lego Game Help!

Shoot the target on the right, then jump off the platform and minikite the target on the left in midair. The Order of the Phoenix Year 6: A cutscene shows a spaceship landing on a planet. Inside the hangar, get up to the crewman who is being held on a high platform at the back corner.


Go up, and kill the droid. A cutscene shows Obi-Wan landing on Utapau and meeting Commander Cody – they encounter General Grievous, and engage in combat with him. This one will be easily located on the small ramp heading into wsrs lava.

They are actually clones, and they will try to kill you, so kill them first. Thermal detonate them, then build a lever and pull it. Epiisode the temple’s main doors, move toward the camera, over to the crumbling ledges. Doing so moves a circular platform that will move over to the canister in the distance, toward the left side.

The canister lies on an even higher ledge above where Padme is held.

Ironically, the superkit piece in the first level is rather difficult to get, and the superkit piece in this level is very easy to get. Be sure to shoot at them while flying from one set of generators and turrets to the next. Use them to climb up to a grappling point behind some pillars.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blue Mini Kit Guide for Wii by Neutropia – GameFAQs

To the left of the tower behind it is another minikit piece. At the dining hall inside the palace, use the Force to stack up a set of tables.

Repeat until he dies. Have one character step on the button to raise a platform, and then have the other character use that platform to leap into both side chambers.