Inspector Kenmochi is suspected for the murders of two young culprits and an attempted murder of Busujima. Toshiyuki Morikawa as Kengo Akechi. Shinichi Fukumitsu Key Animation: Hikaru Midorikawa as Onodera Masayuki eps Seven years after the conclusion of the TV anime, two new animated episodes were aired in Japan on November 12, and November 19, respectively. Ai Nagano as nurse Shiraishi eps waitress. One of the four girls is dead, and the other three are suspected, but they all state they have perfect alibis. Hajime finds that Fuyumi and Ayahana are also killed in the same way of the culture.

Akechi found that there was a poisoned spike placed inside the keys of the piano that could lead to a person’s death, and he pointed out the killer was one of his mates. Hajime takes part in a eating competition and gets sick due to a large amount of eaten food, so Miyuki sends him to a general hospital. Shoko Kikuchi as Kimiko Inui. They are asked to find a key by eating noodles to escape. File 9 Headless Samurai Murder Case 6. Uda, Kounosuke Episode Director. They are to find a key and are to do it without acting like barbarians.

Daisuke Sakaguchi as Sakuraba. A student from the computer school Segawa works is arrested for the murder. More shocking scenes await the guests.

According to a scan from the upcoming issue of Weekly Shounen magazine, manga series Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo: File 14 Graveyard Island Murder Case 2. Hajime finds that Fuyumi and Ayahana are also killed in the same way of the culture.


MasterGhost All reviews 41 people found this review helpful. Meanwhile, the ship runs off course and comes across a mysterious island.

The File of Young Kindaichi (TV)

Akechi goes there too, and he tells them an incident that was affiliated with fencing happened ten years ago. Kappei Yamaguchi as Youhei Misumi.

They are to find a key and are to do it without acting like barbarians.

Hajime discovers the final clue to solving the mystery and declares that someone in the group is the clown. Inspector Kenmochi tells Hajime that the surgeon was murdered some time before and this hospital has been cursed as the “Death Kindaicyi Hospital”. They meet up with a group of armed students in camouflages while searching for the environment.

The next morning, they discover one of the group has been killed. File 10 Kindaichi The Killer 1. Takuma Suzuki as Hayato Tatsumi. Rescued from the bottomless bog, Hajime continues to investigate the truth behind the disappearing body and the death of the former troupe leader.

Kazuki Yao as Juuzou Terayama eps Kojiro. A murder happens in the Mirror Labyrinth kindqichi an amusement park. But just as he does so, he finds himself framed again. A famous ikebana artist is killed in the hotel that Inspector Kenmochi spots.

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The waiter serves them very well at every part and gives them a good meal, but Kindaichi still finds something different. Bin Shimada as Kobayashi. The plot describes a very bizarre case committed by Hajime Kindaichi when he was 14 years old while during a camp with their mates. How can Hajime solve the case and point out the real murderer?



The Kindaichi Case Files

Hajime learns about the medical students’ secret past while the others search the facility for a rabies enquetrs. A bank robber has committed crime and is trying to escape through the back door, but he happens to see Fumi walking over after getting out. Add to My List.

Satsuriku no Deep Blue. Yuko Mizutani as Satsuki eps Hajime and his friends are invited to have a chess competition with a rival campus. It is said that only the barrels can only be controlled by a giant. Hajime spends all the earned money, so he and Miyuki have to choose a part-time job for the summer vacation.

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File 13 Gentleman Thief Murder Case 5. The Tarot Card killer calls Yuichiro with a request. In spite of this, another murder has still been done inside the camp. Koichi Sakaguchi as Usami Otoya. Masako Nozawa as Episofe Gonda.

After the first murder victim, the castle turns into a giant prison by the hands of the killer, Mr.