How you ‘post to be with folks. I bet he’s like that ball player who had so many kids he couldn’t remember all their ages and birth dates. Cardi is what you see is what you get. That’s the type of chick Tara is Girl I can’t take that wig. She’s occupying space for free in Rah’s head. Peter running around like he got the same situation and she read him good. What, sitting next to your wife!

I’m glad Rah called out Yandi. And you still mad? Ole dirty feet got handed some soap and water for that one. I don’t care for either of them but a man having a family and being with that family are 2 different things. She said old timers, cause you old.. Both of them are annoyingly stupid and unlikeable Whatever helps her sleep.

Love & Hip Hop Season 9 Episode 7

Bish sit down, you and your ever available puss ain’t going no where, but he ain’t never going to make you anything more than his dumping spot Rachet hot mess or whateva you want to call it. They already care less about what anyone says or thinks I said the same thing up top Teenage angst is already bad enough. Carli read Peter for filth Thats Episods man in her mind.


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Looking stupid is the least of their problems. Looking at him makes my skin itch. Tasha ddotomsn out silvers help and their relationship deepens. I knew this mess was gonna be trash the day Chrissy and Jim walked away and it became an hour long. This is the second season where a contestant voluntarily left the competition, with the first being season 3.

I pick the latter. The end credits of episode five note a rule violation occurred, although details are unknown until episode eleven, when the contestant leaves the competition.

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Guess she forgot how she kept saying on Camera 2 seasons ago: But when know she won’t. I know a chick just like this I can only blame it on the fact she is indeed an actress and she deserves an award for being the best at fooling her damn self.

Said look at what you reduced the ddotpmen of your children to? What type of nassy bish Tara is? Does anybody else remember Rah use to mess around with Manceeceeess?

That’s why Chrissy didn’t trust her round her man. Can’t really blame “Peter.? Yandy def looks better than her Regardless of what Rah thinks?? Bum bitches on deck Just an observation, bc when she gets mad at Peter and raises her voice, one eye starts blinking rapidly while the other is stuck on red and in the name of Jesus someone take the wheel, turn the damn unfortunate ass bus around, and run Peters simple ass over, then wave goodbye to Amina!


Clinical term I see every day. Bad Breath on D!

You have to give her credit, even if she is bothered; she stays saving face and being a professional Amina was on Social media half the night trying to explain why she got the abortion to turn around and get pregnant. Yes, I love Pap and Remy together. And ended it with I aint no punk!

This video is not hosted on Sandrarose. Maybe he was late on “his part” of her rent. There look equally stoopid